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Killed Tooled Lab Report 3 Purpose The purpose of this lab was to uncover the number of layers of zinc atoms around a piece of gallivanted iron. This was done by pouring the hydrochloric acid onto the gallivanted iron, thus removing the zinc from the piece of metal. Laboratory Procedure 1 . Measured and recorded the mass of a piece of gallivanted iron using a centigrade balance and a ruler 2. Measured and recorded the length and width of the gallivanted iron using the ruler 3.

Put the piece gallivanted iron into a 400- ml beaker 4. Added ml of hydrochloric acid to the beaker 5. Observed the reaction between the piece of gallivanted iron and the hydrochloric acid for five minutes 6. Added mall of tap water to the beaker 7. Poured the hydrochloric acid and tap water from the beaker into the sink 8. Removed gallivanted iron with forceps 9. While still holding the gallivanted iron, rinsed it with tap water 10. Dried metal on paper towel 11.

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When gas is given off, it is an indicator of a chemical change; therefore the reaction between the gallivanted iron and hydrochloric acid was chemical. Conclusion Through this lab, it was discovered that there were 33,000 layers of zinc atoms around the gallivanted iron, per side. This was done by finding the volume of the zinc atoms around the gallivanted metal, and then dividing it by two. Possible places for error were misreading the length and width of the gallivanted metal, and also misreading it’s mass.

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