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This recess is done in a fermented, conditions are controlled by mixing, water jacket. ” – URL: http://science. Co. UK/biology/micro/fermentation. HTML Below is the Lab Report of the group for yogurt making activity. II. Materials and Methods * 1 liter homogeneous pastured milk * 30 grams skim milk powder (SMS) * 100 grams refined sugar * 80 ml starter culture bacteria from natural yoghurt prepared as follows: – 3% skim milk powder in distilled water – Yoghurt or Weakly – Incubate at 43 to 46 degrees for 3 to 4 hours until clotted – 200 grams cooked pineapple tidbits* * Serving Suggestion.

May substitute according to taste of the group. Proceed rest: 1. Dissolve the SMS and sugar in the milk. Heat it to 90 C and hold this temperature for 10 minutes. 2. Cool it to 50 C in a bath of ice water. 3. Shake the culture bacteria to free it from lumps and add to the milk. 4. Transfer the inoculated milk into the beaker or jar. Cover. 5. Incubate the milk for 4 hours at 43 to 46 degrees until clotted. Clotting of milk indicates the bacteria utilized the sugars and underwent fermentation. . Chill for -2 hours 7. Stir the yogurt to make the texture smooth. 8. Package and consume Ill. Results and Discussion Kind of Milk I Taste I Color I Texture I Smell I Low- fat milk I Yogurt-like Beige I Smooth I Sour I Full-cream milk I Very Sour I Beige Thick I Very sour I In the table above, the reason why there were only 2 kinds of milk is because 2 groups used low fat milk and the other 2 used full-cream milk.

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As being compared from the table above, using full-cream milk caused the taste and the smell of the product (yogurt) to be extra sour. Yogurt is naturally sour because of the acid present in it. Also, the full-cream milk caused the texture to be thicker compared to the yogurt used with low-fat milk. Even though different kinds of ilk were used, the color of the yogurt was the same, which was Beige. IV.

Conclusion Based on the given results and discussion of the data, the characteristics (taste, color, texture, and smell) of the yogurt will depend on what kind of milk will be used for the yogurt making process. V. Recommended If one were to do the same experiment above, the group would recommend that they use low-fat milk to make their own yoghurt. Why? Based on the table above, the taste and the smell would be better if you use Low-fat milk.

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