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Some possible causes of this error could have been human or machine error (machine meaning calculator) or carelessness in data. Analysis Part 3- 2) The amount of sodium acetate produced cannot be determined. The products of the reaction that were weighed include sodium acetate and water, so there is no differentiation between the water and the sodium acetate. 3) The limiting reactant for this equation would be Enhance because there is a need for more than there actually is, causing the reaction to stop. Conclusions-

The purpose of this experiment was to react sodium bicarbonate with acetic acid, and from that, find the limiting reactant. It was hypothesized that sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) would be the limiting reactant, and through this experiment, the hypothesis was proved correct. Though care was taken to ensure an releases environment, there were several errors. When beakers were set down on the scale, the weight would fluctuate by varying degrees, putting the partners measurements slightly off from the measurements of another’s. Human error of carelessness must also be accounted for.

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