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The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether peptide bonds are present in various food substances. The color violet will indicate the presence of proteins. The more intense the color is, the greater number of peptide bonds there are (Inhibit, 2012). Methods Using the China marker, I numbered test tubes 1-5 for identification purposes. Using a pipette I added 1 millimeter of each solution to it’s designated test tube.

Next, added 5 drops of the Beirut reagent to each test tube and agitated the suture by shaking the tubes from side to side.After waiting 2 minutes I recorded the color of each mixture. I used the color reaction after adding the reagent to determine the presence of proteins in each substance (Inhibit, 2012).

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Results Test solutions that contained proteins reacted to the Beirut reagent by turning violet. Table 1 summarizes the test results. In summary, test solutions, including distilled water, as a control, starch, glucose, and soft drink did not contain proteins. Egg albumin was the only test solution that contained proteins.Table 1 I Tube Conclusion I Contents Did not contain protein 1 12 Blue I Violet I Clear/Blue Drink I Did not contain protein I Contained protein I Color Reaction I Distilled Water I Starch 113 114 15 I Cloudy Egg Albumin I Glucose I Soft I Clear/Yellow Discussion These results indicate that all of the test solutions, except the egg albumin, did not contain protein.

These results support the hypothesis that if proteins are present in the food substances that they will react with the Beirut reagent, causing the solution to turn a shade of violet.Distilled water was used as a control in this experiment, providing a basis for comparison. Food substances that did not turn a shade of violet indicate that they did not contain proteins, which happened to be most of the substances in this experiment. Works Cited 1 . Johnson, G. B. 2010. Essentials of the Living World.

McGraw Hill companies. 2. Inhibit, K. W.

2012. Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Biology 1040. Thomson Publishing Company.

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