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The following report consists of test results gathered from the design and construction of a voltage divider. The divider was built with the purpose of reducing the power from IV to OVA using different combinations of given resistors in a complete circuit. Having a basic understanding of electrical circuits is an essential need even for non-electrical engineers.Mechanical, computer and other engineering disciplines will be utilizing electrical circuits on a daily basis, which makes it important to have this understanding.

Through the use of Ohms Law and Kerchiefs Law, our team was able to determine theoretical voltages prior to the construction and testing phases. After performing the tests, it was evident that our calculations were accurate resulting in a successful experiment. 2. 0 Background The main theory used in determining the theoretical voltages was Ohms Law.

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Ohms Law explains the relation of current, voltage and resistance. (Patrick & Farad 1999) This is best illustrated using the Ohms Law circle (Figure 1. 1) with the variables I (current), V (voltage) and R (resistance). To use the circle properly, cover the unknown variable and perform the function remaining. For the voltage divider, we were given the current and voltage drops between the the different nodes. (Table 1. 2) Using this given data, we needed to calculate the amount of power dissipated, resistance, in order to create each voltage drop.

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