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Title: Investigating the effects of changing the concentration of an acid on the rate of reaction between HCI and Magnesium. Aim: In this experiment we are going to see the effects of using three different concentrations of HCI when added to Magnesium metal on the rate of reaction. Hypothesis: If the concentration of the acid increased in reaction between HCI (the acid) and magnesium, then the rate of reaction will increase. Scientific background:

For many reactions involving liquids or gases, increasing the concentration of the reactants increases the rate of reaction. As reactant concentration increases, the frequency of collision increases. In a few cases, increasing the concentration of one of the reactants may have little noticeable effect of the rate, but usually when increasing the concentration of any acid the rate of the reaction increases. Variables: Independent: The concentration of the acid (HCI: 0. 5, 0. 6, 0. 7) Dependent: The rate of reaction between HCI and MGM Controlled: 1- Room Temperature. – Amount of Magnesium (0. G) 3- Amount of acid HCI (20 ml) Procedure: Materials: a- b- d- g- h- Water Bath Droppers. Electrical balance (В±0. Egg). Magnesium (0. 9 g) HCI (ml). 3 Glass containers. Syringe. Stopwatch. Marker. Method: 1- Get all materials needed. 2- Measure on the electrical balance 3 amounts 0. 3 g of Magnesium. 3- Use the syringe to measure ml of HCI added to the flask in the water bath after adding the Magnesium in the flask. 4- Start the stopwatch and measure the amount of H2O produces each 5 seconds. 5- Write down the results you get at the end of 10 minutes. – Do the same for the other 2 concentrations.

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The rate of reaction increases when reacting Magnesium with Hydrochloric acid as most rates increase when changing the concentration of the acid. 5. Was there anything strange or irregular about your data? Can you explain this? No, but expected the last result to be a bit lower than that. Evaluation and improvements: 1. How reliable are your results? Do you have enough results to make a firm conclusion? They are reliable but I need to investigate more by using more than only 3 concentrations. 2. Did you make any changes to your method during the experiment?

Why did you make these changes? I didn’t use some of the tools and some tools are different, but with no change in the method. 3. Were there any other weaknesses in the method you used? There were not any certain results but very close to certainty. 4. What improvements can you suggest to your method to make you results more accurate? Probably, using more accurate equipments and tools. 5. If you were going to spend another hour or two, what would you investigate next? I would investigate more concentrations and use other metals.

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