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Hypothesis If the Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy can only be transferred or transformed and we release the ball bearing at it’s Max Potential Energy, then the Potential Energy will transform into Kinetic Energy as the bearing travels through the track. IV. Materials 2 Four feet long pieces of insulation tubing 1 Ball bearing (mass=O.

01 keg) Film Canister (to catch ball bearing) Masking tape (1 meter) Meter stick V. ProcedureFirst, we planned out how we’ll build the reallocates (how much Potential Energy we’ll need to last the whole track). Next, we started building our reallocates. Then, we added loops in our reallocates to gain Potential Energy at the top of the loop. Now, we fully finished our reallocates We now test out the reallocates and see that the ball bearing goes through the whole track and all 9 loops we created.

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Take down our data Clean up VI. Data and Results VII. ConclusionThis lab has shown the conversion between Kinetic and Potential Energy.

From the top of the reallocates was when the Ball bearing was at it’s Max Potential Energy. As the bearing traveled through the track it slowly transformed it’s Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy abut as it hit each loop the bearing gained Potential Energy again. This proved our hypothesis of the bearing’s energy being converted from Potential to Kinetic Energy as it travels down the track.

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