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When synthesizing complex organic molecules, it is common to have at least a dozen individual transformations whereby the product of one reaction is then used as the starting material for the next reaction. A multiples synthesis starts with inexpensive, readily available evenhandedly. The sequence will attempt to first the conversion of evenhandedly to benzene using the vitamin, thiamin, as a catalyst. In the second step, the benzene is oxidized to benzene through the use of an oxidize agent.

The third step is a condensation action of benzene with divinely ketene (1 ,3-dauphine-2-propane) to produce tetraphenylcyclopentadienone. An alternatively step is the reduction of benzene to dehydrogenation with a reducing agent, sodium borderline. An additional fourth step is possible converting the tetraphenylcyclopentadienone to a substituted naphthalene via a Dills-Alder reaction (followed beautification) using microwaves as the energy source. The first step is the synthesis of benzene, this reaction is a the conversion of two molecules of an allayed to n alpha-hydroxyl ketene.

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The reaction is known as a benzene condensation (“condensation” because two molecules become condensed to one molecule). This reaction, which requires a catalyst, if often performed with cyanide ion. We will use thiamine as a catalyst. It is heat-sensitive and may decompose if heated too vigorously. Instead of running this reaction at elevated temperatures for a few hours, we will allow the reaction to proceed closer to room temperature for 24 hours or more.

Evenhandedly is easily oxidized to benzene acid which can impede the desired reaction so freshly distilled evenhandedly is used. The concentration of reactants and temperatures of solutions are critical to obtaining a good yield so procedures must be followed carefully. Too much water will force evenhandedly out of solution preventing an efficient reaction.

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