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The purpose of this lab was to see how magnesium reacts with oxygen. This reaction must be forced with heat. As magnesium changes to magnesium oxide the mass increased. Procedure: 1.

Set up the stand and Bunsen burner. 2. Go to crucible heat oven to obtain a crucible. 3. Weigh the crucible and lids mass.

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4. Break up the magnesium ribbon on the crucible and weigh the mass of the magnesium, crucible, and lid. 5. Place the crucible on the ring stand over the flame.Allow the magnesium to heat with a slight crack on the lid to allow oxygen to react with the magnesium. 6. Be checking the magnesium every couple of minutes. 7.

After about ten minutes the experiment should be complete. Observe your experiment. 8. The magnesium should be a grey/white color. If the ribbon isn’t melted down to this color powder continue heating the magnesium. 9.

Turn off the flame. Let the crucible cool down before weighing. (Around ten minutes). 10.

Weigh the crucible, lid, and magnesium oxide.Record the data. 11. Wash out the crucible and clean up the lab station. Discussion: There was a slight pop when the magnesium and oxygen fully reacted. If not careful the magnesium many burn. The magnesium eventually turns a bright red/orange color due to the heat.

Object Mass of Object (grams) Crucible/lid 25. G Crucible/lid and magnesium. G Crucible/lid and magnesium oxide product 26. G Magnesium .

G Oxygen . G Magnesium oxide 1. G Data analysis: Error analysis: 2. 3.

The scale could have been off. Burnt the magnesium. Didn’t let the magnesium fully react with the oxygen. Can be fixed by: 1. Resetting the scale and checking it often. 2. Watch the magnesium and use a timer.

3. Use a timer to make sure reaction is fully done. Conclusion: When magnesium reacted with oxygen it turned to a white/grey powder known as magnesium oxide. This increased the mass by 5 grams. The magnesium fully reacted with the oxygen, thus making the experiment accurate.

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