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According to my hypothesis, once there is more dissolved oxygen in the water, there is an increase to the amount of fish present in the area where the water sample is obtained. 3. What would your experimental approach be to test this hypothesis? First, I would take a sample from different areas of the water to test the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Then after completing this test, I would check to see if there is” of course “an increase in the fish present in the water.

This observation would help keep track of the fish present in different areas of the water and furthermore, I would be able to compare results. 4. What would be the independent and dependent variables? Independent= Dissolved Oxygen Dependent= fish 5. What would be your control? Would have control in conducting a hypothesis during my testing. Otherwise, I have no control. 6. What type of graph would you appropriate for this data set? Why? A line graph would be appropriate for this data set. The line graph would not only support the hypothesis but will also present clear results. . Graph he data table from table 4: Water Quality vs… Fish Population. Describe what your graph looks like. (X-axis)= fish and the (y-axis)- dissolved oxygen.

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