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has a reputation of churning out science wizards for premier institutes of
India. The reputation while well deserved, misses out on the dark underbelly of
the city. Of the 1.5 lakh students who arrive with their dreams, few do not
make back home. Their dreams and lives withered away in the unfathomable
pressure on young shoulders.

Horlicks digital film conveys that another nutrition is needed to face exams in
the eye. Something apart from physical nutrition, i.e. ’emotional nutrition’.
The film features real mothers (emotional nutrition experts) and their kids
studying in a coaching institute of Kota. Planned as a surprise for the
burdened students, the venture results in teary eyed students. Some food
follows, sprinkled with mother’s love.

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brainchild of Swati Bhattacharya, CCO , FCBUlka , this film touches the right
chords. She has been quoted as saying “Students in Kota have access to the best
faculty and world-class facilities, but they’re missing a fundamental need that
is as biological as the need for vitamins. We’ve termed this ’emotional
nutrition’, and ‘Fearless Kota’ is our way of showing its power.” Sitting in
our fancy homes and surrounded by our loved ones, we seldom give thought to our
family. But these teenagers who leave everything behind hunger for some
affection. Hunger for some love.

suicides are effectively spotlighted. The films makes one raise pertinent
questions. What of the thousands who do not make it? The thousands who try and
try and yet fail? The tender minds who cannot hold the burden?

impactful film which is being shared widely on social media, is being
critically acclaimed. Garnering more than 10 million views with an influx of
appreciation. Horlicks has raised the campaign a notch higher by planning to start
free courier services to mothers. Because no distance should keep a mother away
from her child.


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