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Komlan AhiadjipeProfessor Turner English 09612 December 2017House on Mango street. Sandra cisneros novel, The house on mango street, is describing the problems latino face in society. A society that is mostly dominated by men, and a society that is juges women on what they look like, instead of judging them on what’s inside. Cisneros wants us to see the daily complications a latina woman must face in order to be treated like everyone else. The novel also talks about how females should be loyal to their husband. And love is not something they should rely heavily on.                 In the novel we can see how latina women are viewed as nothing more than objects. They are all viewed the same way by their boyfriends, husbands, or friends fathers. Cisneros and her sisters grow up on mango street, thinking appearance is everything, if they do not looking appealing to the public they will  make it. Even in the start o f the novel she is so ashamed of her house that she sometimes hesitates to show it, or when people ask where does she live she is not very excited to she them. ” Where do you live? she asked. There, I said pointing up to the third Hoor. You live there’ There. I had to look to where she pointed-the third Hoor, the paint peeling, wooden bars Papa had nailed on the windows so we wouldn’t fall out. You live there’ The way she said it made me feel like nothing. There. I lived there” (pg4). A nun walking by asked this questioned and that destroyed her inside. She felt like nothing, the house is so disgusting even a nun was concerned.                  Another example of how appearance is everything was portrayed in the novel is when Cisnero meets one of her neighbors whose main objective is to look pretty and wait for a man to snatch her up. This is giving the main character a bad image of how women should act. The female neighbor is trying to portray that the only way to get a man with money is to look sexy and be flirtatious. If you can not do that then you are lost. The neighbor even goes to the point of kissing a hobo for a dollar. ” You are a pretty girl, bum man continues. What’s your name, pretty girl? And Rachel says Rachel, just like that.  Rachel, you are prettier than a yellow taxicab. You know that? If I give you a dollar will you kiss me? Lucy says taking Rachel’s hand because she looks like she’s thinking about that dol1ar.” (4) In the back of rachel head, it was a reasonable trade. She may have been thinking “at least I kissed a boy”. A women should not be so desperate to go to such lengths to please a man, or get a man to love them.                   This leads to another problem in the book that occurs in society today. Most  of the females in the book are always being controlled by a man. From husband to a friend to a boyfriend. Most of the females are not allowed to do what they please unless the man of the house approves. “Rafaela’s husband comes home late because that’s the night he plays dominoes.  Rafaela  gets locked indoors because her husband is afraid Rafaela will run away since she is too beautiful to look at” (79). We may not see it, but this is an issue that should be looked at in society. Men are portrayed as the rulers of the house and females are secondary. The law that the man sasy should be followed without question no matter what he is doing.                     And on some occasion when females do not follow the rule of the house place by the man, they are disciplined. And they are afraid of speaking out because now fear has been installed in them and they are afraid what will happen if they told someone. They walk in public all bruised up but insist on telling people they just fell. “He never hits me hard. Then at school she’d say she fell. But who believes her. A girl that big, a girl who comes in with her pretty face all beaten and black can’t be falling off the stairs.” (92). This shows that sometime the abuse pushes the victimes to become delusional. When they get punched or slapped, they feel as if they deserve it and always try to defend the person assaulting them.                     This leads them to wish for things to happen that will never happen. We all the that bitter disappointment when we wish or ask for something on our birthday but when the day arrives, we never received it. And that is how the females on mango street feel. They all wish for a better life, more friends, and real love. But because of the world they live in, they are confronted with harsh reality everyday. Love on Mango street is something that is scarce, and most of the time it takes a back seat. “The word is that Earl is married and has a wife somewhere.  Mama says she is a skinny thing, blonde and pale like salamanders that have never seen the sun.  And the boys across the street say she is a tall red-headed lady who wears tight pink pants and green glasses” (71). We can see how everyone thinks Earl has a wife, when in reality he has prostitutes over to have a little grown up fun. This is what society prefers, true love is now becoming scarce. Society will rather have a one night stand with a stranger then to find true love. They believe it is easier to have sex then to get into a relationship for the rest of their lives.                  To conclude, House in Mango street has many elements and lessons to learn from. Some of them were explored in this essay. The message of latino women going through everyday compilation is clearly portrayed in this novel. The House On Mango street is without a doubt an amazing novel capturing the lives of the latino women and helping the readers to understand their pain.              

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