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Alan Batterers Aim Answers: a Annie, b Mrs.. Whittaker, c criminal Washman, d Jackie, e Mrs.. Whittaker. • To help students get a feel for the different types of people in the story and their relationships.

1. Write the words high and low on the board. Ask students to get into pairs and come up with as many different meanings of the words as they can, with example phrases/sentences. Call back suggestions from the whole class, and elicit/add any others that are missing. You could make this into a dictionary practice exercise.Possible answers: physical position (high in the sky / low on the ground); feelings (high spirits (happy) / low spirits (sad)); status in society (a high position / a low position); strength/ weakness (a high wind / a low speed); numerical value (high speed / low voltage); cultural value (high-brow / low-brow); musical (a high note / a low note); and – related to the title – level of luxury (high life / low life). 2. Ask students to read the Summary of the first part of the story.

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Ask them who represents the high life and who the low life. Answer: Joanna Whittaker is a rich widow = sigh life, and Annie Clayton is homeless = low life. . Ask them if they can see any parallels between the Clayton and the Whittaker families. Answer: In both families an old lady wants to see a lawyer to sort out her financial situation after her death. Both women have children they haven’t seen for a long time.

4. Ask students to read Extracts 1 and decide who they refer to, and what part of the high-life / lowlife category they fall into. Answer: low life: a, c, d; high life: b, e Characters list. Then ask them to read Extracts 2, and decide who says or writes them and which f the characters they refer to.

Answers: a Mrs.. Whittaker talking about Charlie and Betty; b Wilma Patterson talking about Mrs.. Whittaker and Nat; c Nat talking about Tom Whitaker; d Nat talking about Tom Whittaker to Charlie; e Jackie and Nat talking about Annie; f Tom writing to Annie about Jackie; g Nat talking to Jackie about Charlie and Betty; h Betty, Charlie and Jackie talking about Nat. 7. Tell students that Nat Marled is the private investigator dealing with the Whittaker case. Ask them what they know about private investigators.

What do they do? How do they behave? Ask if they eave read any novels (e. G. By Raymond Chandler) or seen any films or TV series (e. . Philip Marrow, Mike Hammer). Put them in pairs to make lists of the characteristics of these private investigators and anything else they know about them. 8.

Ask students to read the quotations about Nat Marled in Extracts 3 and decide (a) how close what he says and does is to their own ideas of a private investigator, and (b) what sort of person he seems to be. Answers: (a) open (b) poor (I. E. He has no air conditioning, uses public transportation), untidy, lives alone, eats badly, usually dresses badly, isn’t use taxis, has contacts for information, he cares about people / has a social conscience.Based on what they have learned about Nat Marbles character and actions in the story, ask students to write a feature on him for the Daily News. 5.

Ask them which people they think might be connected to the places described. Cambridge English Readers O Cambridge University Press 2009 www. Cambridge. Org/let/readers Summary of Chapters 1-4 Characters High Life, Low Life starts when Nat Marled, a private investigator, saves a homeless woman called Annie Clayton, when she has a heart attack in the street.He has known Annie for some time and when he visits her in hospital she says she wants him to find her son Jackie whom she hasn’t seen for twenty years, and to bring her a lawyer so that she can write her will. Nat Marled: New York private investigator The story of Nat helping Annie appears in the paper, along with his photograph, and after that he receives a letter from Mrs.. Joanna Whittaker the rich widow of Tom Whittaker, an airplane magnate.

She has decided to make her will out in Gnat’s favor because he looks like her dead husband, and she is estranged from her own children, Charlie and Betty.Wilma Patterson: a lawyer Extracts 1 b d Mrs.. Joanna Whittaker: a rich widow Charlie Whittaker: Mrs…

Whittaker son Betty Osborne: Mrs.. Whittaker daughter Jackie Robinson Clayton: Annie Claytons son magnate husband Ernest Washman: criminal, pretending he owns a taxi business Extracts 2 We’ve lived on the streets,’ Leona said. ‘l can tell you, it’s safer underground. Everyone knows each other here.

If a stranger comes, we know about it. The subway workers know us. They leave us alone. ‘ Leona started moving piles of black plastic bags. Underneath was an old metal box with a lock.I looked around the room which was full of beautiful asses furniture. Nothing had been changed for years and I felt like I was in an old Hollywood movie.

The guy behind the desk looked as if he hadn’t slept, washed or shaved for days. He smelled even worse than me. He lit a cigarette then coughed for a full fifteen seconds. Finally he was able to speak. The Chelsea Arms hotel had seen better days. Now it Just looked like any other cheap hotel.

The floor was dirty white stone in the lobby. A guy was working on the computer, behind the window at the reception desk.There was another big guy tinting at a table opposite the reception desk. He was obviously there in case of any trouble. Inside the elevator, it was all dark wood, thick carpets and mirrors. If this was Just the elevator, imagine what the apartments were like. Annie Clayton: a homeless woman ‘Do you have any family? Asked Stella.

‘A son and a daughter. They don’t live in the city. I’d like to see more of them. Especially the grandchildren, but .

.. ‘ ‘She wants it all [her money] to go to you. She read about you in the papers. Says you remind her of her late husband Says she couldn’t think of a teeter person to leave everything to.

‘De went on to tell me that [the man] worked hard and played hard. Even after he was married he played around with other women. It wasn’t a happy marriage ‘l hope appearance is the only thing I share with your father … ‘ ‘So mom’s been on the street all this time? He asked.

‘Ever since she last saw you – in a cell,’ I said. I can never be a real father to the child. Here’s some money to help with food and clothes. And something for the future. Keep these stock certificates. One day they might be worth a lot of money.

‘And that’s not all You’ve got family.A halfhearted and half-sister They live upstate. H ‘Finally, we’d all like to say a special thank you to the man whose hard work made this all possible. Without him, we might never have met. ‘ Extracts 3 After leaving the NYPD, I became a private investigator. Although I don’t make that much money, I’m my own boss and I don’t have to take orders from anybody. I prefer it that way.

Most offices in the building had their own air conditioning. Mine didn’t, so it was hot and uncomfortable. New York private investigators don’t normally use public transportation. But I’m different.For once, I looked smart. I had put on a clean shirt and my good Jacket, which was Just back from the cleaner’s. I left and took the number seven train home to Queens.

I couldn’t eat much of the takeout meal I got from the diner down the block. I wandered over to McFadden Bar on Second Avenue. The usual crowd of Daily News reporters was there I needed information and I knew Just the guy who could help – De Winchester. I felt both sad and angry as I put down the phone.

Sad for the people who had to live out their lives on the streets. Angry about the society that put them on the streets.

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