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AP US A. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain A Colonel in the Union army, he gives a different perspective to the book since he is a lower ranked official in the army. Most of the Union’s side of the story is told through eyes. He is a popular and distinguished soldier amongst the Union ranks. A former professor at Bowdon university, he is well educated. He is very analytical of everything around him.

He is reflective and insightful about soldiers motivation and the Civil war B. James Longest Lee’s second in command, there is much conflict between the two characters.Longest ret is a very stubborn man who has his own ideas on how the war should be fought, differ ring very much from those of Lee. He thinks Lee should swing the army southwest toward s Washington D.

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C. Taking a more defensive approach to the war. He believes offensive warfare is too risky and outdated.

He is portrayed as a visionary, having seen the futz re of warfare. C. Robert E. Lee A southern hero, Lee is a veteran tactician and the head of the confederate army. He knows his days are numbered, as has a life threatening heart condition that periodic affects him.Despite his age and dwindling health, he is a brilliant commander.

Not o does he coordinate an offensive plan of attack, but he also motivates his men to fight even after they have been demoralized (ii. Picket’s Charge). His presence is very much felt throughout the confederate army, keeping morale high. D.

Buster Clarkia An aging veteran, he has recently been demoted from sergeant to private after drunk only assaulting a fellow officer. While he realizes his fighting days are all but over, he Joins colonel Chamberlain’s regimen. The two quickly become friends and Clarkia acts as a mentor his mentor. E. George Pickett

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