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Kepler 438b is very likely to be able to support life. Kepler 438b is similar in temperatureto the earth and only 12 percent larger than earth.

Kepler 438b’s solar year is only 35 days butbecause of its weaker sun, a red dwarf, it is able to stay a temperature that is very similar toearth’s. This information is very promising for life on kepler 438b but a potential problem is theerratic behavior of the red dwarf that it orbits. The red dwarf shoots super flares and coronalmass ejections every few hundred days which could potentially have stripped Kepler 438b of itsatmosphere. Having no atmosphere would stamp out any possibility of life on Kepler 438b, but ifKepler 438b has a magnetic field then they would be shielded from having its atmospherestripped. Life would have to be like nothing we have ever seen in order for it to survive withoutan atmosphere.

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With Kepler 438b being right in the “Goldilocks zone” its temperature would be verysimilar to earth’s. The planet is similar in size to earth and therefore mostly likely similar incomposition which means that this planet would have a rocky surface. In fact scientists havedetermined that there is a 70 percent chance that the surface of Kepler 438b is indeed rocky. Theplant life on Kepler 438b would be more lush than on earth’s because Kepler 438b receives 40percent more energy from its sun than the earth does. The animals would be bigger than thosethat earth has because of the increase in the source of energy at the base of the ecosystem. Plantswould not be green because they would need to adapt to the kind of light that its sun emits sothey would develop a different pigment than earth’s plants so that they could collect energy fromthe red dwarfs rays. Plant life would more likely thrive under water because they would beshielded from the sun’s harsh waves with the sun being closer than the earth’s this might be necessary for plant life to exist on Kepler 438b.

The sun would appear bigger in the sky becauseof how close the planet is to its sun. The sky would appear whitish and reddish. 

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