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Kensington Market it’s the most unique neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto, it posses an incredible charisma and amazing diversity that is represented in it’s streets as vintage shops, cafes, restaurants and mini markets. The vibrant colours of its murals, the captivating shops, fascinating events and the spirit of the people demonstrate the unique character of Kensington and it’s generation’s old roots. has been the first stop for several immigrants; These streets have witnessed the development and evolution of those families that once came from far away, thanks to that Kensington is a diverse place.Kensington for me represents the progress and entrepreneurship of the emigrants, it is a place where the fusion of different cultures is found in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.Hystory: Kensington also has a history that makes it more interesting …Everything started in 1815 when in a 100-acre piece of land George Taylor Denison built his Bellevue Estate that was situated west to Spadina Avenue. He divided the land and sold it British and Irish immigrants, with the past of the time more immigrants started to arrive and eventually they flooded this area. The area was considered middle class, since immigrants started to build small business along the streets.Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe were not able to sell or trade in the community, so they started to build stalls in front of their homes, and eventually started selling products to the public. Other immigrants decided to build their own shops and business making it a more developed place. This market got extended in over 30 years.Immigrants from all over the world started to arrive oven more in the 1960’s making Kensington an incredibly diverse place, people from Eastern Europe, Portugal, Italy, China, East India and those of Afro-Caribbean descent. This place posses an immigrant landscape which can be seen nowadays.In it’s streets you can find incredible varieties of restaurants and markets offering a number of products and foods. Kensington for me represents the progress and entrepreneurship of the emigrants, it is a place where the fusion of different cultures is found in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.What it offersIn Kensington you can find many shops that offer old clothes, souvenirs and objects that could not be easily found in other parts of the world, it is undoubtedly an extraordinary place that allows you to observe more closely different ethnic groups and learn more about society.Kensington offers an unrivaled variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese to the public. Personally, I enjoy going to Kensington because it allows me to buy my favorite dishes and ingredients from my native country. Most people who are part of Kensington are very friendly and serve the public with great appreciation and warmth.In Kensington can be seen a huge number of graffiti, drawings and street art in general shown on the walls, which display them as if they were galleries in their colorful streets. One of the main symbols of Kensington is the Garden Car, which forms part of Kensington since 2007. This place is full of stories of those families who someday migrated from different parts of the world.Kensington is house of many events, concerts and festivals every year. One of It’s main festivities is the ‘December Solstice’, which takes place in Kensington Streets from 6pm to 11:00 pm on December 21, it posses huge puppets made by hand, which walk on the parade; huge flames and lights are the main character in this parade. Thousands of people assist to this event, and enjoy accompanied by their friends and family.Kensington possess a rich history and cultural significance, that’s why it was named a national historic place of Canada. Its located in the heart of Toronto which is conformed of narrow streets, parks, business and houses. Its distinctive architecture composed by Victorian Houses it’s what gives Kensington a more unique style. Kensington it’s a very special place since its style cannot be found in other parts of Toronto, you can assist there also on Sundays since its a car free zone which permits pedestrian to walk freely in its narrow streets and allows them to take pictures in this special place. In 2006 was proclaimed National Historic Site of Canada.

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