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Fairytale Dream or True Love As a little girl, one always dreams of becoming a princess, wonders who her prince charming will be, and how beautiful she will feel on the day of her fairytale wedding.

Disney princesses have always given those curious little minds a role model to look up to. Cinderella was a less-than-average girl, for example, who later met the man of her dreams and became royalty. Although a film written strictly from one’s imagination, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, could very well be thought of as another one of those classic Disney princesses.

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Just an average girl who had a normal fife is now in line for the throne.Some may say she was willing to do anything to make her childhood dreams reality, while others are convinced it really is true love. Kate Middleton, given the name Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, was born in Reading, England on January 9, 1982, to a working class family (www. Archeologist. Org). However, her grandmother, Dorothy, was the first to improve their social and economic status (www. Biography. Com).

Skate’s mother, Carols, and father, Michael, met when Carols worked as an airline hostess for British Airways in Mammon, Jordan and Michael as an officer (People Weekly 28).The couple married June 21, 1980, and then, Just two years after their marriage, they gave birth to their first daughter, Kate. Kate remained an only child for a very short amount of time because in less than two years her sister, Philippe, arrived.

Philippe Charlotte Middleton, called “APIPA,” is not only Skate’s sister but her best friend as well. They have always been attached at the hip since day one. They laugh at the same Jokes, share the same style, went to the same school, and APIPA was also Skate’s maid-of-honor in the royal wedding. Lastly, he youngest of the children and the only boy, James Middleton, was born.Kate and APIPA were definitely the closest of the siblings, but James played an important part in the wedding as well (www. Biography.

Com). The Middleton may sound like the average family, but it was not long before they climbed their way to the top of society. In 1987, Carols set up ‘Party Pieces,’ a company which began by making party bags, but now sells many other party supplies and decorations.

By 1995, the company was running so smoothly that both parent’s ran the business and then moved the family onto a much larger, nicer, five bedroom home in Buckley, West Berkshire (www. Geography. Com). It had turned the Middleton family from average to millionaires within a few short years (www. Archeologist. Com. ). It was not until Kate was thirteen that she was able to experience life in a bigger home.

Most of her childhood was spent in a normal home, doing normal things, and sharing the little space they had. Perhaps living such a normal life to begin with is why Kate Middleton is not wrapped up in the celebrity lifestyle right now. Kate attended boarding schools, SST. Andrews Prep School, Down House, Marlborough College, and SST.

Andrews.After being bullied at the all-girls school, Down House, Kate became a student at Marlborough. There, she was rated a two out of ten on attractiveness by some boys, and her sister, APIPA, received a perfect score (www. Biography. Com). Kate has lived under the shadow of APIPA with tabloids as well but nothing she is not use best.

She was very smart. She passed two Geese’s, nana academic qualification awarded in a specified subject, generally taken in a number of subjects, and three level A exams. In 2001, she became a student at the University of SST.

Andrews.It was here that Kate Middleton would meet her prince (www. Biography.

Com. ) Prince William and Kate Middleton met at the University of SST. Andrews in Scotland of 2001. They had the same acquaintances and often hung around the same group of mutual friends. At the time, Kate was not looking for love.

She was already in a long-term relationship with a senior at the same university. Prince William tried to make the first move but, but Kate refused (www. Biography. Com). After breaking up with her boyfriend in 2002, Kate Middleton would be a participant in a charity fashion show.It was here, Prince William would pay a pricey penny to sit front row.

Although, Just friends at the time, Middleton showing off sexy lingerie that was very revealing was sure to send their relationship to the next level. After about a year or so of Just being friends Will and Kate finally began dating in 2002 (www. Biography.

Com). The couple decided to keep their relationship private for as long as possible to keep the paparazzi away. Kate wanted to finish her studies in peace, and Will wanted the same for her because his mother’s death was caused by the overbearing paparazzi.

They agreed to not sit by each other, talk too much to each other, or hold hands in public. This kept the paparazzi away for a little while, but two years later in 2004, Kate was caught with the royal family on a ski trip (www. Biography. Com. ) After constantly being followed by cameras and becoming a tabloid favorite in 2005, Kate Middleton received twenty-four hour security from the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department in 2006. This led many followers of the couple to believe an engagement was soon to follow (www. Archeologist. Org.

) That was hardly the case.Just like any other relationship, this one had its ups and downs as well. British tabs had dubbed her “Wait Katie” (People Weekly 64), and Prince William was constantly pressured to either propose or let her go. In 2007, they biblically split after having been together for five years (www. Biography. Com). Of course, that did not last long.

The couple got back together in Just weeks. If Kate was only in this to be a princess, she sure did put on brave face. Most break-ups are not published for the world to see and constantly ask the heartbroken about the tragedy the way this one was.It loud seem that if she was only trying to make her childhood dreams reality, she would have given up by now. After getting back together, Prince William and Catherine Middleton got engaged in October of 2010. He popped the question while they were in Kenya on a trip to the Leeway Wildlife Conservancy to celebrate passing his RAFF Helicopter Search and Rescue course (www. Archeologist.

Org). Of course, Kate Middleton agreed to be his princess, and the engagement was announced November 16, 2010 (www. Archeologist.

Org. ) Kate received the ring of Princess Diana of Wales (People Weekly 58.William stated it was his “way of making sure [his] mother didn’t miss out on [the day] and the excitement, and the fact that [they] are going to spend the rest of [their] lives together” (www. Researching. Org. ) If Kate really was in love, then her dreams had come true. Since they had known each other for ten years and dated for eight, she had plenty of time to plan for the perfect wedding (People Weekly 64.

) Surely one has her whole life planned out with their their engagement Just five months earlier (People Weekly 71 . ) Not only was Kate madly in love with Prince William, but he was crazy about her as well.He is so comfortable with her and her family. He calls her father “Dad,” for example (People Weekly 62). Kate also speaks very positive of Prince William. “Over the years William has looked after me; he’s treated me very well as the loving [man] he is” (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. ) On April 29, 2011, Kate Middleton became Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

)She said her ‘l do’s,’ at Westminster Abbey in London (www. Biography . Com). She was supported by her maid-of-honor, which was her sister, APIPA, family, friends, and three-hundred million more people homo watched the royal wedding on TV (People Weekly 60).Middleton became the first commoner, with no blood-ties to England’s aristocracy, in more than 350 years (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. ) After dinner, Williams brother, Harry, led the speeches and spoke of how proud their mother would have been (Vanity Fair 113). At the end of the night, they saved the top of their wedding cake to be served at the first child’s christening, a British tradition (People Weekly 73. ) Kate talked openly of her hope to “have a happy family ourselves,” (People Weekly 71) and a little over a year eater on December 3, 2012, it was announced to the world that she and Will were expecting (www.

Geography. Com. ) The couple had planned on keeping the pregnancy away from the public longer than what they did, but after being rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains, the word got out (People Weekly 59.

) Kate Middleton was diagnosed with Hyperemia Gravitated, or HOG (People Weekly 60. ) It is said that Kate is in for a tough pregnancy (People Weekly 3), but with William by her side, she will make it through. “He is very supportive of me through good times ND bad times,” states Kate (Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge) She and Prince William are expecting their arrival in June.So, what got them through so many years? Being friends with one another was sure to be huge a huge advantage and their long-term relationship set a great foundation. Eight years was definitely a very long time to wait for her fairytale dream, but it forced Catherine Middleton and Prince William to build a bond strong enough to endure the rigors or the royal life to come.

Kate Middleton was not Just in it to be a princess. She and Prince William are the perfect example of true love.

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