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Karma is simply known as “what goes around, comes around”, which is believed widely in, but not limited to, Buddhism and Hinduism.

People who adhere to certain religious beliefs that each act performed on a daily basis will be gradually recognized by the Spirit, which triggers a result which impacts one’s destiny positively or negatively. Kant states the unethical behavior still can be acceptable but the global warming is exactly the karma towards the human. Global warming basically is the change in climate, the temperature changes in the atmosphere and the trouble are the earth is getting hotter because of the radiation can’t disappear into space but being stuck overhead. The act of destroying mother nature is being payback, it will not be happening right away but it slowly builds up all these elements and hold them down. It’s a serious case because it will melt ice in both Arctic and Antarctic and fill up the ocean until it creates the tsunami and hit directly to the land. Also, it does destroy it own ecosystem by demolishing the animal in that living zone’s lives such as polar bear and penguins. So if the human wants the development in their country, they have to prepare for the most crisis situation.

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Nowadays it’s easy to acknowledge the consequence of harming the environment but it’s easier to acknowledge the benefit after receiving the resource from our mother nature. Karma isn’t good, it will hit back and it’s just a matter of time. Buddhism takes everything into its philosophy and enlighten people into the nothingness. In other words, it turns nothing into something and something becomes to be nothing. Karma is nothing but it will be something if something unhappily happens.

I personally agree with Buddhism about the karma of the human influence on the environment. Because looking at Kant, he argues that we should unethically follow our reasoning since they will ensure we achieve total happiness. And most of our reasons are not logical. They are inevitable. We do what we think is right, but what we think is a culmination of everything we are. So I strongly believe that whatever goes around must ultimately come around to restore the balance or equilibrium, subject to modifications or corrections due to intervening perturbations.

        In conclusion, I still have lots of things to learn so I don’t think Kant idea is wrong because there is no right and wrong, but I will still agree in Buddhist karma. I believe that Karma may simply be explained as the fruit of our deeds. In other terms is “you reap what you sow”. Karma means that the way we treat them or the way we behave with others determines the needs and the wants we approximate for our life.


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