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Marx explains in his manuscript of the ‘Estranged Labor’ about the division of
society into two classes when speaking of private ownership. We have the property
owners known as the bourgeoisie and the proletarians, the workers who do the labor
work under the bourgeoisie’s commands. The proletarians not only feel like they
have crossed the poverty line but also feel isolated and excluded from the
world they live in. The separation or estrangement that they feel comes from
their assigned labor work. When manufacturing these products for the bourgeoisie,
they spend hours and days working on products that they do not have private
ownership over and watch the products disappear into the world they feel
excluded from. Proletarians feel as if they give so much to the world and no
recognition is acknowledged. They begin to feel “smaller’ as more products
are manufactured by them. Another estrangement mentioned in the manuscript was
that the work or activities itself that the proletarians do are making them
feel excluded as well. They have no possession over the activities they carry
out. The goal they are accomplishing from working is not for their enjoyment
but because they want to be able to survive and support their families. They
have no choice but are forced by the bourgeoisie to perform these activities.
It is more of a life and death situation in a way when you think about it.
These type of labor work make the proletarians feel as if they are losing
themselves when they should be finding themselves and devoting themselves to
what they truly and naturally care for. As the proletarians continue in this
line of work and manufacture more products, they feel as if they are losing
their self identity. The purpose of life is to do the  work you enjoy because you give all your time
and dedication to it, it is what you are functioned to do as a human and it is
work that you can call ‘yours’. Work is considered  the building block of life, what you are truly
made of. Transforming nature into products and objects that you use today is
the core of what an individual does and can do. However, the proletarians feel separated
or excluded from this form of identity since they are forced into labor and not
their natural extinct telling them that they should do it. Another important estrangement
is the separation of man to man which basically means that there is no
interaction or connection between the proletarians and the bourgeoisie because
they are from two different classes. Since the bourgeoisie own the products
that the proletarians make, they have more power and therefore, the workers think
of the owners as more intimidating and aggressive individuals and must
disregard them. The workers feel like they are excluded from any form of
private ownership in the economic system because they are not gaining anything
from it. Only wealth and status is benefiting the bourgeoisie when it comes to manufacturing
these products. The worker’s sense of identity and their completeness as a human
being is beginning to vanish and will continue to as long as bourgeoisie have
the power over private property ownership. The proletarian’s disappointment
about this estrangement has got them against the bourgeoisie or as we should
call them, the capitalists. Marx describes these concepts from a philosophical
and abstract perspective where he explains how natural substance transitions
into physical objects which is a method that is essential to self-identity and
humans as a whole. Marx’s curiosity in the economical systems, the way the
proletarians feel and the way they are treated are evident in his manuscript of
the ‘Estranged Labor’.

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