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Jetting (or hydro jetting) is a method of drain cleaning
that uses a machine to shoot high water through a special nozzle, in order to
wash off accumulated build-up of grit and dirt. While minor build-up can be
fixed using regular drain cleaners or plumbing snakes, heavy build up that
block the pipes and cut off the water flow will most likely require a good
amount of jetting to get your drains functioning optimally. Have you been
musing over getting a professional to check out your pipes, but remained
hesitant because you weren’t certain if your draining challenge needed  professional attention? Here’s how to know
for sure.

1.       Do Your Pipes Need Reviving?

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Naturally, pipes grow weaker from
use over time. And having to deal with accumulated debris in them only serves
to further stress the pipes. If this is the situation with your pipes, then
they definitely need to be revived through hydro jetting. More than clear out
build up, in the case of cast iron piping, these jets can smoothen the blisters
that had formed on the piping as well remove the debris materials which had
gotten stuck in them. This is a brilliant idea if you’re looking to increase
the life span of your pipes.

2.       Got Grease?

Pouring any fats/grease down your
drain may seem harmless because it’s convenient. That doesn’t actually mean it
is. Grease is bad for your drains and can prove to be heavily problematic in
the long run. This is because lighter materials will most likely go down the
drain without getting clogged up in it. It’ll take a longer time for minerals
and debris to clog up the drains than it would, grease. So if you’ve got grease
build-up in your pipes, then you need hydro jetting. The grease problem affects
restaurants and eateries to, so you might want to eat at a place that gets
timely hydro jetting services.

3.       Need Some Quick Unclogging?

The problem with leaving clogs in
your drains unattended to is that it’ll blow up in your face, literally.
Unresolved clogs are a time bomb, waiting to cause the biggest plumbing
nightmare you know. This is why you need to get your pipes jetted as soon as is
possible for you. The amazing thing about it all is that hydro jetting is
generally a quick procedure. So don’t worry about having to take out a lot of
time from your schedule to get it done. It won’t take that long.

4.       Good Old Maintenance

Rather than waiting for the
problem to accumulate before contacting a plumber to  bring in the jets, wouldn’t you prevent it
from happening in the first place? When you begin to experience little clogs in
the drain every now and then, it is enough reason to call for the jets. This is
because while snaking and other mild drain cleaning techniques may seem to
work, they aren’t a permanent fix. Hydro jetting is. This is why you should
employ jetting to tackle those clogs once and for all.

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