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Jefferson’s quote was making the claim that you should move with new trends that come along but if something goes against your morals you should stay grounded. With the use of his phrase “Swim with the current” we can sense that he is implying to let the new styles take control and all you need to do is simply follow it. However, with the phrase “Stand like a rock” he is saying that we shouldn’t have to be lenient or a push-over when something goes against or undermines our principles.Jefferson is write because styles change daily and you have to go with the flow in order to keep up and stay relevant but your morals are something that is embedded in you and has taken years to be set in stone therefore they won’t be so easily changed. Clear examples of this can be seen in the current British Royal family. In 1936 King Edward VIII was abdicated from the throne as he had fallen in love with an American socialite by the name of Wallis Simpson. He had plans to marry her but would have to give up the crown as back in those days it was forbidden for any member of the royal family to marry someone who had previously been divorced with their ex-spouse still alive. In addition to that, the fact that she was an American was frowned upon as the Royal family wanted to keep the lineage as British as possible as his kin would end up one day taking the throne. However, as we have seen recently in the news, Prince Harry has just gotten engaged to American actress Megan Markle, this is a huge step forward for the Royal family as not only is Megan divorced and an American but she also has African American heritage. The British Royal family has been primarily and if not all white therefore this is a huge stepping stone for them as they try to keep up with rapid changing modern times and learn how to accept other people from different backgrounds and cultures. Moreover, it shows how the Royal family can be modernized and be deemed as still relevant in this age of democracy over monarchy and that they too can be flexible with the style of new world. Furthermore, the Royal family have had many traditions that they view as key principles to live by that haven’t changed in many years. For example, when out walking, Prince Philip has to trail behind Queen Elizabeth and while that may seem silly it is actually incredibly important and something that is not taken lightly by them as it is symbolic to show that she is incharge which gives a strong message to other countries who may think that as a woman she was incapable of successfully running a country. Even after 70 years of marriage they still do this so that the message of strength and power will forever be sent.Many may argue with that one should change along with the new styles that come along everyday because it takes away the uniqueness of a person and makes you like everyone else. They may say that it leads you to become another mindless follower who does what everyone else is doing just for the sake of fitting in rather than making your own style to follow. As well as that, others may argue that having stone like principles can make people stubborn as they choose to only believe what they want and refuse to bend their opinions and morals to fit anyone else’s.They are incorrect because styles are trends that are popular in a society that is forever changing and following then is the most efficient way to keep up to date and learn how to have new ways of expression that you might not be able to understand if you refuse to get into new trends. Changing styles and having different styles does not define who you are but rather helps you to be able to communicate with others in a constantly evolving society. On the other hand, having set principles does make you who you are as it is a mindset that you have created in many years of your life after countless experiences and mistakes that you took into account and figured what rules to set for yourself to follow in order to be the best you can be and thrive.

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