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Reed sends Jane Ere to Elwood under the watch of Mr…. Brochures.

Bronze continues the theme of gothic throughout this event. Elwood interprets a gothic atmosphere because there is a lot of death and illness at Elwood school. An example of this would be this would be Helen Burns. ‘Burns’ could, once again, be a representation of Cane’s passion but it could also represent the passion inside Helen herself. However Helen has a different kind of passion, Helen directs her passion to her religion. Jane believes her passion/flee is bad and that Hellene is good.Although it could be a representation of Hellene passion, I believe that Bronze wanted it to be a presentation of Cane’s because when Helen dies, it’s like Cane’s passion dies slightly too.

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Bronze keeps with the gothic theme because the last we hear of Helen ropey is, “Her grave is at Bridgeable graveyard: for fifteen years after her death it was only covered by a grassy mound: but now a grey marble tablet marks the spot, inscribed with her name, and the with the word ‘Resurges. ” The next we see of Jane it is ten years later, she is eighteen years old and leaving Elwood to become a governess at Threefold.Bronze gives Threefold a gothic image, “both my and spirit seemed drawn from the gloomy house. ” All throughout the book Bronze has repeatedly conveyed things as dark and gloomy, which gives the reader a sense of a gothic theme. Threefold can be seen as a representation of Mr….

Rochester due to his gothic personality and features, “and in his great, dark eyes; for he had great, dark eyes. ” Bronze has shown a gothic theme through the way that she describes Rochester and his features. She makes him very dark and mysterious.Still he looked preciously grim, cushioning his massive head against the swelling back of his chair, and receiving the light of fire on his granite-hewn features, and in his great, dark eyes; for he had great, dark eyes, and very fine eyes, too – not without a certain change in their patents sometimes, wanly, IT It was not sootiness, renamed you, at least, AT Tanat leaning. ” Bronze makes Mr…

Rochester have a very gothic personality, for example, Bronze almost always portrays Rochester to be moody and grouchy. As a reader I found that two things make the story have a gothic theme about it.One of the situations I believe make it gothic is the mystery behind the creepy laugh we are introduced to during a night at Threefold. “While I paced softly on, the last sound I expected to hear in so still religion, a laugh, struck my ear.

It was a curious laugh; distinct, formal, mirthless. I stopped, the sound ceased, only for an instant; it began gain, louder: for at first, though distinct, it was very low. It passed off in a clamorous peal that seemed to wake an echo in every lonely chamber; though it originated but in one and I could have pointed out the door whence the accent issued. Jane goes on to believe that there is a ghost in the house until Mrs… Fairfax blames ‘Grace Poole. ‘ This is also a mystery as Jane doesn’t know who Grace Poole actually is.

The creepiness behind the laugh adds suspense, which also adds to the gothic theme. Like Bronze’s Jane Ere,’ Henry James’ ‘Turn of the Screw’ is also filled with mystery ND suspense, which also gives the reader a feel of a gothic atmosphere. Much like Jane Ere,’ ‘Turn of the Screw’ also has secrets, “Mrs… Gross appeared to be conscientious, ‘About some things – yes. ‘ ‘But not about all? ‘ Again she considered.

.. ‘He never told me!But please, Miss,’ said Mrs.

.. Gross,’l must get to my work. ‘” From the way that Mrs… Gross is throughout this conversation/scene as a reader you can tell that she is Jumpy and hiding something.

The idea of secrets has a feel of suspense about it due to the reader wanting and waiting to find out. Bertha is the biggest suspense filled mystery of them all. She is held in the attic; Why? Rochester wants to keep her hidden; Why? These are all answered later on in the novel by an earlier mystery of; Who is Mason? “Mr… Rochester held the candle over him; I recognized in his pale and seemingly lifeless face – the stranger, Mason. The suspense to this novel add to the gothic atmosphere.

“l affirm and can prove that on the 20th of October, A. D. , – , (a date of fifteen years back) Edward Fairfax Rochester, of Threefold Hall, in the country of and of Ferdinand Manor, in – shire, England, was married to my sister Bertha Antoinette Mason, daughter of Jonas Mason, merchant, ND of Antoinette his wife, a Creole – at – church, Spanish Town, Jamaica. The record of the marriage will be found in the register of that church – a copy of it is now in my possession. Signed Richard Mason.

” The Turn of the Screw is a gothic story as it is a ghost story about a ghost story.It starts of with a group of people, Henry James wrote the story so that as reader you were in these group of people. One of the men then go on to tell you a ghost story. Much like Bronze, Henry James has filled his short story with suspense and mystery. However compared to Jane Ere and Threefold, Turn of the Screw and Harley Street eave the reader a sense of happiness, “l remember as a thoroughly pleasant impression the broad clear front, its open windows and fresh curtains and the pair of maids looking out; I remember the lawn and the bright flowers and the crunch of my Wendell on teen gravel Ana EAI Ana caw in the golden sky. Teen cluster EAI tree tops over wanly rooks call However through the short novel we, as a reader, learn that it is not filled with the happiness it is lead to believe. The suspense as why miles was expelled from school and the ‘ghost’ that is living with them is what gives this story its gothic theme.

“So monstrous was I then ready to pronounce it that such a child as had now been revealed to me should be under an interdict. ” The word ‘monstrous’ alone gives us a gothic image as it could be a connotation of something inhuman, thus could be referring to the ‘Ghost’ that is living with them.As a reader, I think that the biggest part of the gothic atmosphere in Turn of the Screw is the character Miles.

I think this due to him being a big mystery. Nobody seems to want to talk about him or revel anything about him, we don’t know why he was expelled from school and the governess is hesitant to ask him about it Miles and is sister Flora are big connections to the ghost’s ‘Miss Jells’ and ‘Peter Quinn. ‘ The gothic theme begins with Miles, however, it is enhanced by the introduction the the ghosts.At first the governess doesn’t know who they are but later on learns from Mrs..

. Gross who they are. She also learns that they used to have a sexual relationship. I however feel that the most gothic moment throughout the book is the end, when it’s just the governess, Miles and Peter Quinn.

“l caught him, yes, I held him – it may be imagined with what a passion; but at the end off minute I began to feel what it was I rely held. We were alone with the quiet day, and his little heart, dispossessed, had stopped. ‘ feel that it is the most gothic moment throughout this short story due to the eerie atmosphere and the circumstances. The governess tried to protect Miles and tells him he is no longer controlled by Peter Quinn, but Miles dies anyway with the implication that he was sexually molested by the two ghosts.

I believe that Jane Ere has the more gothic atmosphere as it is portrayed through everything that Bronze describes, from the places, to the people, to the atmosphere.

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