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Jane Austin was a true feminist who strongly believed that the women not only had the right to educate, but also the right to choose for themselves. This also is reflected in her stories, especially in her headstrong female main characters and their convictions. In Cane’s stories she challenges the class structure of her society. She employs satire and irony to provoke the people in high positions in social consequence.

Jane herself was very independent and intelligent.Today many see her as an example of female right and power. Like most writers, Jane drew on her own experiences, personality and dreams -? as the sevenths child out of eight, the bond with her siblings were often incorporated into her writing. In Pride and Prejudice (1813) you observe the bond of the two elder sisters Jane and Elizabeth and in Sense and Sensibility (181 1) you observe the bond Of all three sisters especially the eldest Eleanor and Marianne.

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Jane Austin was raised among books and began reading and writing at an early age. She had a close relationship with almost all of her siblings but especially her older (and only) sister Cassandra and her older brother Henry ho became her literary agent. In her own lifetime she was only known as “a lady” and not recognized as a serious author.

After her death her own name was used in connection with her works.It was her brother Henry who provided for this recognition and it was also him who arranged for her last work to be published so that her stories would not go to waste. The main characters of her stories all reflects parts of Jane herself and the dreams she never fulfilled. Through her literature you get a taste of the real Jane Austin and the future she wished to have but never got. In many ways, Jane Austin embodied the very strong-natured and headstrong women that were her stories.All of her characters came from different circumstances and backgrounds, yet all them sought the same thing -? true love.

It truly is ironic that Jane herself never did find true love – but on the bright side it was to the betterment of her stories and in the end we are left with many stories of sex, love, money and power that truly are timeless pieces of art.

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