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Artists are constantly coming under fire from those who don’t understand it. This especially holds true for abstract artists such as Jackson Pollock. Critics of Pollock claim that his drip painting style is lazy and uncreative: not art.

As a fellow artist I find these claims outrageous and uneducated. I personally believe that Jackson Pollock was an amazing artist and deserved every ounce of fame he got. Art is subjective, there is no right or wrong way to make art.Being and artist is about xpressing oneself through any medium; whether it be music, painting, drawing, singing, etc. Pollock expressed himself through drip painting and therefore he is an artist.

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Pollock was considered reclusive, he had an unpredictable personality as well as struggled with alcoholism. In my opinion, Pollock expressed the grief and hardships of his life the only way he could, through abstract art. With the wild and random splatters of paint he could reflect the chaos and instability in his life onto his art.Critics also claim that because his art seems to be Just random bursts of energy, his art is pointless. The term “action painting” is what best describes it. Pollock isn’t painting a picture, but an occurrence. His Just painting because his thoughts told him to, he is painting his ideas and feelings in that exact moment of inspiration.

Whether it be through traditional or abstract art, the artists is still putting all of themselves into their work.Just because we might not all understand his work it does not that it sn’t real art. Works Cited “Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. ” Abstract Expressionism. Metropolitan Museum of Art, n. d. Web.

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