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Therefore I intended to perform Rachel with a desire to control there, which decided due to the fact she has lost all control in her own sense and body. On a broader level the monologue appears to be more like a ‘breakthrough’ which reveals an acceptance and desire to move on.

Alike to Statisticians theory of naturalistic acting, I believed Throne wanted to introduce aspects of realism into it since it was a personal play to him, and the naturalism assists the sensitivity of the topic.I had my character seated throughout the whole performance since she was partially paralyses. I didn’t want that to restrict her movement or energy so did my monologue standing p playing close attention to the areas where I wanted to turn away. I noticed when my character was nervous to speak she would move away which was unable to do so I had to convert that into vocal energy.Emphasis was helpful on emotional delivery ‘l want to be normal again’ The final word showed that she was somewhat reflective of her past, it also shows a bit of hope, saying that she knows it’s possible and can be a final sign of her willing to move on.

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Realized at this point in the play my character had given up her self-pity and was more focused on recovering. L want’ ; enhancement on the l, shows self indulgence, and gives an opportunity to reveal that a relationship with Peter is unwanted and difficult.It could be easy to see my character as arrogant, since she rejects any external comfort from family and friends, however as I explored my character Realized that she was adjusting to a new lifestyle. Sexual violence can have psychological and physical effects on a survivor. I found physical exploration was very important, so I performed basic non verbal actions of everyday tasks, like making tea, which allowed me to focus on pace.

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