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Jack Johnson -The son of former slaves, Johnson helped to usher in an era of integrated professional athletes with his moves. For years, the “Galveston Giant” had been wanting for a chance to fight a white heavyweight champion, and he was finally given the opportunity om December 26, 1908, in Sydney. He made a huge impact in history with his championship and influences. Althea Gibson – Gibson was a champion of the all black-American Tennis Association. She was the first African American to compete in a competition in U.S. She was the first Black to win Wimbledon and U.S Nationals in 1957. She also became the first Black to compete in ladies Golf Association. Wilma Rudolph Born -Wilma Rudolph Born was born with a crippling illness that forced her to wear a metal leg brace for years. Rudolph somehow overcame the obstacles of her illness to become a world-known athlete.She won a bronze medal in the 4 x 100-meter relay in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. She was an all time champion for many years and won a huge championship in Rome. Jackie Robinson – Minority American Business Leaders Oprah Winfrey – Winfrey is one of the most famous African American host in America.  She is also one of the highest paid celebrities due to changing tv with her show. She is popular for her business, TV show, magazines, acting, producing, radio, and publication. Robert F. Smith –  Robert Smith is a self-made billionaire, is the founder of Vista Equity Partners. With his private shop, he fixes up enterprise software and technology outfits in Silicon Valley. His business has made him one of the richest African Americans men in America.Madam C.J. Walker –  She was the first African American to earn a millionaire status. Because she suffered from hair loss, she made a hair products for women like her in 1905. Later in 1908, her business was booming out of the factory she made and was growing each day. Michael Jordan – Michael Jordan changed the game of basketball and the shoe game with his line of shoes. His line of shoes have been booming since they have started, people collect, trade, and buy hundreds of his shoes. He is also the second African American to be the owner of of an NBA franchise. Ursula Burns – Burns became the first African American female CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  Burns a joined Xerox in 1980 to start growing her company. She made the largest acquisition in the company’s history with the purchase of Applied Computer Sciences.

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