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It’s a great pleasure to recommend Anindita for admission to your Masters program. She was one of the most exceptional student in the class and was attentive, passionate, studious and inquisite towards studies which often resulted in her bringing innovative ideas to the class. She had also shown interest in practical aided learning techniques and had gained practical knowledge on multiple complex concepts in Power Electronics. She was driven to understand why things are the way they are, and how things work. She was an active participant in class discussions and participated in several course and research related discussions with professors. This helped us to maintain a lively environment in our classroom and a safe place to take intellectual risks. For her final year project, she chose the complex topic of ‘Smart Highway Lighting System’, where she impressively lead her team into completion of the project under strict deadlines. She has strong leadership skills, is a person who is ready to take up responsibility and carries her duty with extreme dedication. She has a cheerful nature and is open to feedback which shows her strength to grow as a learner, and determination which will continue to serve her in the future.Besides academics, Anindita used to actively participate in various seminars held in college. She assisted her seniors on multiple occasions in organising events as well. This strongly showed her caring and friendly nature with ability to blend with different people. I have deepest personal and professional respect for her, and sincerely believe that she will bring her optimism, passion and creativity to your class and university as a whole. Anindita has my highest recommendation for admission to your Master’s program. Her endless curiosity, along with her willingness to take risks, leads me to believe that there will be no limit to her growth and aspirations.I have known Anindita in my capacity as her Professor for over two years, during which I taught her Power Electronics, Analog and Digital Electronics and Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

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