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It’s the real pleasure oflife – to work for a goal you see great. To be one of the forces of natureinstead of being absolutely selfish, dealing with it stupidly and complainingthat the world does not give you what you want to be happy. And I believe thatmy life belongs to the whole society and that it is an honor for me as long asthe last breath of life to do all I can do for it. I want to be fully consumedwhen the moment of my end comes. The harder I worked, the more I lived. And Ilive life for it.

 I am applying to the Mastersof Science in Clinical Pharmacy program at University College London as Istrongly believe it will help me reach my career objective in giving the bestto the patients combined with my valuable background in various pharmacy therapeuticsaspects will blossom and develop through your program as I will be challengedto excel and rise to better skills. I am a graduate of B.Pharmdegree from Dubai Pharmacy College. I rotated in outpatient and inpatientsdepartments of Governmental Hospitals in Dubai, UAE.

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I have also done mycommunity pharmacy training in Al Ain, UAE and my industrial training withJulphar Gulf Pharmaceutical company in RAK, UAE. I also got the opportunity toparticipate in a research project which focused on the assessment ofanticholinergic burden among the geriatric population of the UAE. Consequently,I got the chance to participate in the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals andTechnologies Conference and Exhibition (a premier Pharmaceutical and Technologyevent in the Middle East), in which I was honored to win the 1st place. Thenafter graduating, I decided that my first achievement should be passing theDepartment of Health pharmacist licensure exam of Abu-Dhabi, UAE. Therefore, Ihad to do a 6-month internship at Tawam Hospital in affiliation with JohnsHopkins Medicine. Which really helped me build up my communication skills,leadership, independence, pharmacy knowledge and taking criticism with grace.  Ever since I could remember,my parents wanted me to be a pharmacist.

In their defense, I was never surewhat exactly I wanted but I knew for sure that all I was passionate about is tobe able to help people as much as possible. To give those who have nothing togive to me. To be able to make a difference even with the slightest actions.This is why during my college years I always tried to focus on extracurricularactivities that involved volunteering related to college events or outsideevents like visiting the orphanage or working with philanthropic organizationssuch as Dubai Cares. Pharmacy plays a major role in helping others fromdifferent angles.

Whether it’s from patient counseling side which during myinternship especially I noticed how much a difference it actually made. Toensures the appropriateness, effectiveness, and safety of the patient’smedication use. And researchside where without it our world would fall flat. This is why I am applying forMasters of Science in Clinical Pharmacy because it will allow me to do both andmore.Life is a wonderful lamp that I can carrynow and how much I would like to make it as bright and light as possible beforeI hand it over to the next generation. I believe I am prepared tocontinue my graduate study degree (M.Sc.

) at your institute, which is not onlyone of the well-known internationally, but also among the few educational andintensive research institutes that have significantly contributed to scienceand technology during the last few decades. I look forward to enriching myknowledge in the clinical pharmacy discipline. Furthermore, I am optimisticabout being circled in diverse research projects that are conducted at yoursociety to gain further research skills and contribute to progress.

 I am certain I would be ableto fulfill my goals at University College London as it providesprodigious opportunities for pharmacists pursuing their graduate studies andenhancement. I am looking forward to going to your institute and gain differentexperiences; both educationally, as well as socially.  I hope this will turn out to be one greatlife-changing experience which would help me step forward to success.  

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