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It’s unavoidable that people living in a small rural area do
not have access to big institutions of medicine, available in big urban
centers. Although the doctors’ knowledge in a big hospital and small hospital
may not differ, patients lack the number of expertise available and may be
“deprived of the up-to-date knowledge housed in the nation’s leading medical
centers” (Park, 2017). Lack of financial ability also limits the kind of care
that is available to a patient. According to Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
by the US Department of Health & Human Services, 10.5% of Americans
experienced difficulty in obtaining necessary medical care (2014). Why should
patients’ demographic factors affect their access to medical care? Who deems it
fair that a patient only has access to one particular doctor’s knowledge when
technology can enable the knowledge of thousands of experts in the field? If
artificial intelligence and machine learning can solve these problems global
health, then why should we limit the access of fair and equal health care of

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