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     It has to
be taken into consideration that the Internet of Things or IoT is a kind of
environment in which animals, objects or humans get provided with unique
identifiers along with the ability of transferring data over a network sans the
requirement of human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction. It needs to be
reckoned that the Internet of Things has evolved as a result of the convergence
of micro-electromechanical systems or MEMs, wireless technologies and the
Internet. This particular concept can also be referred to be the Internet of
Everything. Internet of Things can play a pivotal role in businesses where it
can be used for focusing on the process of getting the products react the
marketplace much faster. (Violino, 2013) Moreover, it can be used for the
purpose of enhancing the efficiency of functioning. Thus, Internet of Things
can be very helpful in an ambiance of a greatly mobile workforce, transforming
the supply chain demand and evolving customers. This technology can surely be
used by large businesses, and one can very well envisage a time when connected
devices would make their place into most of the businesses of the world just
like the computers and the web.

     One needs
to understand the fact that integration with the Internet goes on to imply that
all the included devices would have a unique identifier in the form of an IP
address. It needs to be reckoned that since there is a limited address space in
IPv4, the objects that are included in the Internet of Things have to utilize
IPv6 so as to be able to accommodate the too large address space that is needed
for the purpose. It needs to be remembered in this regard that the objects in
the Internet of Things would have actuation capabilities as well apart from
having sensory capabilities. As such, there can be no doubt about the fact that
the success of Internet of Things is quite impossible sans the support of IPv6.
How the global users come to adapt the IPv6 would play a very crucial role in
ascertaining the successful development of the Internet of Things in the times
ahead. Now, one needs to reckon the fact that the Internet of Things is not
something new. The idea has been in discussion for decades. (Evans, 2011)

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one needs to consider the cons of the idea as well so as to be able to have a
holistic idea about the matter in context. The issue of privacy and security is
one of the greatest challenges for the Internet of Things. It has to be kept in
mind that all the devices and the systems that are inclusive of the Internet of
Things go on to collect quite a significant amount of personal data about the
people. As such, it is argued by the experts in the domain of internet security
that not enough work is being carried out so as to ensure the utmost privacy
and security into the Internet of Things in this early stage of development.
Hence, in the coming years, a lot of stress has to be put in the issue of
online security and privacy so as to secure the users. Presently, the hackers
have not yet started to pose much threat to the users, but one can imagine a
time when it would be at threat as its popularity gets enhanced with time. It
would be correct to opine that the Internet of Things goes on to represent the
next constructive step toward the digitization of the world society and
economy. Through its implementation, the people and the objects can get
interconnected via the communication networks so as to report about their
status or the environment. Internet of Things can show the massive potential of
boosting the economic growth and also generate employment.(, n.d.)

explicate more about Internet of Things, it can be said that these systems are
also responsible for performing actions as well as sensing things. As an
example of a proper application of Internet of Things, one can talk about the
home security solutions. One of the most significant steps forward in relation
to Internet of Things is its incorporation in the home automation. With the
help of Internet of Things, a user can very well control the installed
electrical devices in one’s house while being absent in the house physically.
Internet of Things has the capacity to network embedded devices with a very
limited memory, central processing unit and power resource. Thus, one can only
imagine about the vast reach of Internet of Things in the present era of
technology and advancement. One can also understand the fact that Internet of
Things can also find proper application in the domains of urban planning or
environmental sensing. Having said all this, it also needs to be reckoned that
the Internet of Things has the potential of having such a vast domain of
application that it is in no way dependent on a single product or project. It
can be envisaged that after about a decade from the present time, everything
could very well be connected so as to make the lives of people much simpler. There
is only scope of advancement and widespread of Internet of Things as time would
progress. (, n.d.)

     There can
be no doubt about the fact that the young generation or the children can very
well be the aim of a number of policy initiatives that are designed so as to
realize the benefits of new developments in the technology with the process of
minimizing the potential risks that might be involved. Thus, there needs to be
utmost efforts in the process of comprehension of the dynamic relationship
between constructive online opportunities and the risks. Some of the possible
domains that need to be explored include learning and literacy, civic
participation, peer networking and privacy, digital inclusion or exclusion, and
so on. Thus, it can be understood that pivotal questions related to literacy,
identity, privacy or risk are the main issues that are related to the matter of
Internet of Things developmental procedure.

     It has to
be remembered that the European Commission went on to issue this press release
in 2012 where it enquired the needed framework for the purpose of unleashing
the potential social and economic benefits that could be brought about by the
Internet of Things. It aimed to ascertain the stand on having proper level of
control of the connected devices that are involved in processing, gathering or
storing information. Even the views of the commoners were welcome by the
commission so as to get a proper perspective about their views on the issue of
safety and privacy in the Internet of Things infrastructure. Thus, the chance
of participation of the common people along with professionals and groups went
on to prove the fact that there is serious consideration of assimilating the
technology of Internet of Things in the ways of life in the coming years all
over. As such, the standardization process went on to be inclusive of the
people of the society so as to get a proper view of their psyche and
understanding of the matter in context. (, 2012)

     It would
be correct to conclude that the technology of the Internet of Things is
definitely the thing of the future. With a very rapid growth of the
technological devices, advancements in the reach of the internet in all the
corners of the globe and the potential for growth innate in the technology of
Internet of Things, one can only envisage a near future where it would come to
show its influence and presence in all the spheres of life. Having considered
the encompassing concerns that relate to the issue of privacy and safety, the
Internet of Things can really prove the next big step toward scientific
development so as to ease the lives of people of the world society. While it is
in the stages of development, people can wait a bit longer to have the
facilities related to Internet of Things in the near future.

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