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explain the modern threats like viruses, worms and phishing, in this research
the  modern threat is broad now a day,
that includes the daily uses of technology to the people. It represent how we
should aware in the modern threats. This research also warned us to protect our
things and avoid the attackers. This article, 
many country tried to resolved the denial of service. The word Ethics,
it include the systematically decision making in right and wrong behaviour. In
this case study, they provide the real definition of computer ethics that we
must follow the policy and to avoid the crime in technology, it also give to us
the freedom to choice what we want to do. It teach us how we respect others and
decide our own interest to respect, we must not harm other people for our own
benefit and we should have equal treatment, it give good outcome to the
society. We must have a certification to higher professional conduct and
responsibilities to others like IEEE and ISC, that certification can protect
the community and honesty to others.  In
this word “Building”, we must building our own decision making to think what is
the right and wrong behaviour to prevent modern threats that may harm the
community. Like the decision to ourselves we must respect the technology. Do
not create any malicious work to the technology to avoid damage other gadgets
that may damage the people who use it.

the title research, Building an Active Computer Security Ethics Community, we
must have an action to broad the activeness of computer security that could
adapt the  nation. We must also ensure
the policy, privacy and safety of the users of technology.  We must analyse the malicious behaviour to
realize what the things need in community. The humans need to protect and
understand other people. It may help to us to avoid malicious act like virus
and worm that causes huge damage in the community.  This article motivates the need for such a
community, touching on the extensive field of ethical decision making,
examining existing ethical guidelines and enforcement mechanisms used by the
computer security research community, and calling the community to joint action
to address this broad challenge because this day, the people use computer to
damage other people that not give respect. We must be alert when we use the
technology because many people can destroy our own computer. This research
improve the security of the system to find what they can be fixed. The
researcher want us to understand how we protect our self in danger and protect
our computers to the attackers. Always be ware to the people who have interest
to our accounts, attackers can get our own bank accounts. The researcher help
us to remind that attackers always active in their personal interest like the medical
devices, automobile
and process control systems, electronic voting system, personal
communication device and the number one system always hack by the attackers is
the payment system. Many attackers always attracted to hack the payment system
our their own benefit. Members
agree to avoid conflicts of interest, be honest, engage in re­sponsible
decision-making, accept criticism of work. Act honourably, honestly, justly,
responsibly, and le­gally to follow the ethical law. Always aware in every
action we take to escape the action of the attackers and always update the anti-virus
of the computer, it’s really big action to avoid the malicious act that may
harm us. We can study malicious behaviour to achieve good impact to the
society. The researcher can finding the solution to avoid the malicious act and
avoid the attackers. The research undertake the ethical analysis to find the
solution. Don’t show to much information about yourself that the attacker can
do some malicious behaviour that may harm you. Always have the back up of your
file, in case your computer have a virus. We need to be more aware what we want
to take an action especially in term of technology. Always have a computer
security to assure that our account, system and personal information is safe.
We need to be aware everything especially to the people who would you trust.
Because now a days, the people who close to may harm and damage you. Always
follow the ethical law to become our community safe and peaceful.

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