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It was the eleventh day of June year2014. The sun rises in the east at exactly 5:47 a.m. Samantha wakes up early, eats breakfast, takes a bath, dressesherself, and walks to school that is only a kilometre away from their house.

Itwas her first day of school being a college student. Since, today is the firstday; her feeling is a mixed emotion of excitement and anxiousness.            SamanthaMorrie is an 18-year old girl. She has brown-eyes, not so pointed but cute nose,sexy and tint lips and a good-figured tan body which made her a total lady. Sheis a very simple and modest girl.

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Others would say she’s like a real Filipinabecause of her actions. Her beauty is alluring to everyone who would see it.But even though she has her charm, she didn’t want to show it because she won’tlike others looking at her. She’s an introvert kind of a person. You can onlyhear her soft voice when you ask her question. You can only see her outside theirhouse when she’s going to school or to church. The place that you could alwayssee her is inside their house, inside her small-lavender coloured room, readingbooks, listening to music, and playing guitar while singing her favourite song.

Almost everything is already in her. She possesses the characteristics everygirl dreams of. She’s gorgeous, talented, brainy, and have faith in God. She isperfect, almost perfect, seems to be perfect but she’s not.

            WhenSamantha was still a kid, she is a very cheerful child and a hyper one. She’samiable, affectionate, and zealous. She loves to see and talk to differentpeople, even if it comes to an adult, a teenager, or with the same kids. Whenevershe sees someone, she’ll call it as if she knew him and talk with him.

Shealways wants to see people and have fun with them. She will get the attentionof others and then she will begin to sing with matching dance. So her audiencewill clap their hands and laugh with each other. She’s doing it in any placesthey go such as in the park, in the playground, in the house of theirneighbour, or even sometimes in the mall.

 No time you could see this charming child sad andalone. She always wears her dazzling smile.             Samanthais the unica hija of her parents. Butthough she’s a unica hija, she’s not spoiled brat because her parents teach herwhat is good and bad, right and wrong. So every time she does wrong, herparents will discipline her. Besides, if she does right, she’ll receive areward.

Her parents are her playmates most of the time especially duringweekends. They will go to the park, bring some favourite foods of her, and havea bonding there. Their life is just simple. They are not rich. Her parents’salaries are just enough with their daily needs. But they still allot and savemoney for their child, for her better future.             Butone day, everything turns into gray.

That day was her 7th birthday.They planned to go to the mall and celebrate her birthday. While they were inthe in a car along the street, a motorcycle came to stop them. The motoristspoint a gun on them; get everything inside the car and shot her parents. Samantha,who is only seven years old then, is the only one who was left by the suspects.

Samantha was shocked from what happens until she didn’t even notice that thereare many police and people surrounding their car that started to investigatethe cause of the crime. Samantha was interviewed by the police if she saw thefaces of the suspects? How many are them? What do they ride? Did she get theplate number? But she didn’t answer. They ask her if she has relatives, butthen again, they never even heard a soft sound coming from her mouth.

She’ wasdumbfounded. She seems to be traumatized. So the police decided to bring her tothe orphanage.             Fromthat day, no one has ever heard her soft-sweet voice.

Even the nuns that takecare of her couldn’t make Samantha to speak. Until after a year, a rich, kindand compassionate Filipino couple adopted Samantha and take her to America.They get a personal psychiatrist to cure her.

After a long period of time oftreatment, the parents started to hear her voice slowly and slowly and slowlyuntil she recovered from the trauma she had experienced before.             However,even if she had already been recovered, the old, charming, sweet and cheerful Samanthacouldn’t be back anymore. She’s already gone. She had fully grown up as a lady.Her physical features were developed.

And when you stare at her, you can see herhappy brown-eyes covered by sadness, her astounding smile fades away, and she’salways alone. She is now a new Samantha, a shy, timid, quiet and introvert woman.            Itwas the eleventh day of June year 2014. The sun rises in the east atexactly  5:47 a.m.

Sam wakes up early, eatsbreakfast, takes a bath, dresses herself, and walks to school which is only akilometre away from their house. It was her first day of school being a collegestudent. Since, today is the first day; her feeling is a mixed emotion ofexcitement and anxiousness.

            Actually,she never wanted to go college. After finishing high school, she tells herselfthat she’ll just stay at home and spend the whole time there. She has no anyplans for her future. But her parents refuse and contradict her because theylike her to be a doctor. So as a child, she has nothing to do but to followthem.

            Samanthareaches the school, enters the gate and finds her classroom. The MedicineBuilding is located on the 3rd floor of the building. She enters theroom silently; her heads are bowed down while looking for a vacant seat. Thensuddenly, a boy gets her attention and says “Miss! You can sit here in myside.” Everyone looks at her causes her heart to pump so fast and even thecirculation of her blood.

But she has to hide her feelings in that moment. Shefeels humiliated towards her classmate. So she abruptly looks for another seatand sits there.

              Asshe looks around the room, she notices that almost of the students already knoweach other. Her classmates seem so close with each other, perhaps they were classmatesin their high school years or they are just friendly people. When you look atthem one by one, almost one-fourth of the class only were the serious ones andone of those is the boy who called her and offered a seat.             Samanthais already used with that kind of scenario because that was the same set-upwhen she first enters high school and until she graduated, she has noacquaintance.

She better likes to eat alone in the canteen, walk alone in theboulevard, and study alone in the library. Her best friend is her books. Sheloves to read and write stories, novels, and other types of literatures. Thus,every time she’s in an awkward situation, she’ll just get her best friend andstarts to read.             Therecomes in a very young looking, tall, dark, and handsome professor of theuniversity who is just around 24-26 years old. He’s well-groomed from head totoe, nifty, and looking so smart. Almost of the women inside the classroomscreamed and nearly fainted when they saw their professor especially when theprof shows his welcome smile to them. But after a minute, the clamour ends whenthe teacher started to speak.

He introduced himself and told them that he willbe their teacher in one of their subjects. And you know what, his name is Samtoo. So Samantha was surprised because it was the same with her nickname. Days, weeks, and monthspassed, they started to know him.

He’s really a smart person. He’s a teacherwho has a good sense of humour. He can easily catch to his students’ joke andto their problems in life. And aside from that, he is also single. Because ofthis, the girls in the classroom even some of the boys got motivated to go toschool every day.            Onetime, while they are happily having a discussion about one of their topics theprofessor noticed Samantha because she’s the only one who is not participatingin their class. So the teacher throws her a very meaningful question. “Ms.

Morrie, can you give an anecdote that describes the world of the female medicalstudents?” Samantha feels again the same feeling she felt on their first day,she feels shy as well as annoyed with the professor because she is listeningbut still he called her name. But then again, she’s a student so she stands up,thinks deeply, and answers it thoroughly. “Someone asks me this question; youwant to do emergency medicine?  Whatabout a family? Family medicine would be a lot easier for you to have your ownfamily.

” Samantha continues speaking. “I love emergency medicine and could seemyself doing it in the future. My parents have told me I wouldn’t be able to”really” have a family working all those “odd/long shifts” and I shouldstrongly consider settling for an outpatient job so I could have time with myfamily.”… “All specialty choices deserve respect”. Her classmates feelastonished after hearing her answer because they did not expect that Samantha issmart.

Consequently, the teacher appreciates and mesmerized to her answer andsince that day, the teacher always notices her.            Astime goes by, Samantha feels that Sir Sam Sam constantly calls her during theirdiscussion. There are also times where after class, he will talk to herpersonally and will complement her outer and inner beauty. Because of this, shefeels awkward towards the teacher but she did not show it to him, perhaps he’llthink that she likes him too, or she’s tolerating him in his actions.             Lateron did she finds out that Sir Sam really likes her. It was when she was in herthird year college, second semester on the day of her birthday, February 8,2014. After their class, the teacher gave her a red fragrant rose flower andgreeted her privately, “Happy Birthday Samantha! Hope you like it.

Enjoy yourday!” She didn’t know how to react with that and what will she do? She feelsher cheeks blushing, her hands and feet are shaking, and her body is stiff. Butshe still accepted it as a gift coming from a teacher. She went home with asmile at her face. She didn’t know the reason why, only she know is she’shappy.             Sincethat day, her teacher always gives her flower, sometimes a chocolate, andsometimes a small piece of paper with a short message inside. But Samantharefuses to accept those because she doesn’t want to entertain him for thereason that he is her teacher.  But the professor istruly serious to her.

He always wants to make her happy to see her wonderfulsmile. Actually, there comes an incident when she proves that Sir Sam reallyloves her in spite of being so snobbish. Sir Sam goes to their house, meets herparents and asks if he can court her. Throughout that time, Samantha is justinside her room and listening to what Sir Sam and her parents are talkingabout.

However, she couldn’t be able to hear the words clearly. What she justhad heard is the last line from both of them. “It’s okay for us, there’s noproblem with you Sir. Actually, we’re thankful at this moment because we didn’texpect that there is someone who loves our daughter very much, and it’s youSir. We know that you could be a big help for Sam to overcome her fearsespecially in dealing with people. May you be a good inspiration and motivationto her? But still, the decision will be from Samantha, Sir.” “You’re welcomeMa’am and Sir. I promise you I will help your daughter because I really loveher.

” And from that day, she felt comfortable withSir Sam. Every afternoon, Sir asks her to eat lunch together and in theafternoon, he’ll drive her home. Eventually, Samantha got used with that kindof scenario even they are not still in the relationship. She clarified with SirSam their status as of that moment, and this is what she said. “Sir, I thankyou for being with me there always. Thank you for appreciating me and loving meeven I have my flaws. You give colours in my life. But I’m sorry Sir; Icouldn’t still give you my “YES!” Let us give each other time to know eachother more and let’s wait for the perfect time for us.

” “I understand. I willwait for you until that perfect day comes. I love you Samantha!” he replied.Samantha feels emotional at that moment because she has never felt that feelingbefore. Only Sir Sam is the one who makes her feel loved.

When Samantha is inher last year of studying medicine, Sir Sam still supports her, encourages her,and inspires her in every problem as well as decision she’s making. Samantha,on the other hand, did her best part in studying. Tantararannn…tan..tan….tanananaaannn……”Morrie, Samantha L.

,Graduated Doctor of Medicine, as Magna Cum Laude” the emcee announces whileSamantha is receiving her diploma and gold medals together with her parents.Samantha is crying while receiving those medals because she couldn’t containher happiness. After the ceremony, Prof. Sam congratulates Samantha.

ThenSamantha holds his hand, hugs him tight and whispers “I love you Sir Sam,rather Sam!”

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