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It was evident that the
challenge was brought about by conflict situations that surfaced on the team.
This conflict was partly attributed to differing personalities, the social
contract within the team, or the differing levels of motivation. For this
reason, having clear guidelines of the core values on the ground rules was
important (Bratton and Gold, 2012). What if we had an experienced leader who
had dealt with conflicts before? Would this have harmonized the task
accomplishment within the team? Even though the team had a wealth of materials
for the task, like decision making and leadership, something seemed to be
missing. We needed to clarify our roles and play our parts in a skilled manner
as observed by Maxwell (2006). I realized that I needed to learn what I could
do differently next time in regards to approaching conflicts and best ways of
solving them. I was highly inquisitive on how I could apply the conflict
management theory. My deep desire for the process was my motivation to play my
role as a team player rather than just to participate. Even with relatively
some skills, in working with a groups and especially facilitation, my key
interest was about the learning process as well as gaining more knowledge
regarding all the aspects of team dynamics.

Reflecting on my roles and how they evolved
in the team

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I clearly understood my
roles as a team player and hence had to stay flexible and reliable until the
task would be completed. I was glad to be among different talented people and
who exhibited different skills. I knew this would help me in getting ideas on how
different talents would handle and solve issues surrounding them as observed by
Maxwell (2006). With this in mind, I had decided to accomplish my role in
helping my group by using my strengths and a bit of experience that I had in
working with groups. 

According to Somech and
Drach-Zahavy (2013), good team playing is when an individual optimizes his or
her strengths in moving a team forward, for instance through motivation or
helping in conflict resolutions. It is usually much easier and more satisfying
to do tasks when you are naturally good at them. Teams work together to handle
issues that people cannot do on their own. This increases creativity levels as
individuals in the team tap from one another’s strengths. As a result,
productivity in the project is increased and also there is the creation of inspiring
sense of collaboration and cooperation, eventually moving everyone and the
project forward. Succeeding as a team does not just involve combining different
technical skills but also incorporates the aspect of allowing members to take
on more general roles that cross traditional functional lines (Lederach, 2015).

My key role was
facilitating the group process and offering alternative points of view. Since the
target of the other team members was to complete the task, I found this role a
bit challenging but then I had to pursue my interest in the process. As such, I
had to ensure that each of the team members got a chance to be heard in cases
where he or she had a point to pass across. 
In a situation where members had dissimilar thoughts, and sought to
press on with a resolution that another member had projected, I sought
explanations on the interest and the thought behind the proposed solution.  The team members at first seemed impatient
with this new process since it was time-consuming. Although this brought about some
anxiety and made me feel pressured, into giving the direction to the task, I
still found it significant for me to move slower in order to avoid conflicts
and clarify our goals. I also found it to be vital in making decisions in
harmony, and especially those decisions that were affecting our progress.

In one instance, in our meeting, one member of
the team proposed an idea and immediately two other members quite unexpectedly
discounted it without trying to comprehend the intentions of the first member.
When I sought for explanations of the interests and thoughts behind the
suggestion from the first team member, the two members who discounted the
suggestion were astounded. It seemed that they became conscious of the fact
that their reaction in discounting the idea was too quick. Eventually, this
idea was applied to our task. I discovered that this process gave a group
member the chance to contribute their perspective in an environment of
interest. In such instances, an individual feels valued in as a team member
thus increasing their motivation. I also noticed that in such circumstances a
sense of openness in sharing was experienced. 
As the team members had initially termed this process as time-consuming,
they later admitted that actually, they appreciated how this facilitation
helped the team.  This came as a surprise
to me since I had no idea that my approach will be valued, in a sense I
initially felt deviant since my interest was more in engaging in an effectual
process while the rest of the members seemed not to share the interest.
Nonetheless, with time, as we go to understand more on team dynamics as well as

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