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It is hardly ever possible to survey the entire population to be studied and for this
reason sampling techniques need to be employed. A representative sample
produces results which can be used to formulate generalisations. However, this can
only be achieved by using probability sampling where the likelihood of the sampling
unit – in this case an individual – to be included in the sample is known.
Statistical measures such as confidence intervals could not be produced
as the sample was not a probability sample and the survey did not have a defined
population. Ethical guidelines were carefully followed when collecting the survey
data: all data were treated confidentially, which was explained to the respondents
together with the aims of the study. Respondents were free to fill in their name on
the last page of the questionnaire if they were interested in taking part in a follow-up
interview. The section revealing individuals’ names could be handed in separately
from the questionnaire responses to ensure anonymity.

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