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It is obvious that Vietnamese authorities alreadyrealizes that air pollution is an issue in Vietnam, especially in the urbanareas (Thomas Fuller, 2007). Looking at current statuses in big cities inVietnam, we can see that most worrisome is that people in the working age groupare the ones most often affected by air pollution (Vietnamnet, 2017).

Becausethey have to go to the office to work every day; therefore, they can not avoidfacing these dust. And the most serious impact of urban air pollution is damageto human health. According to the global environmment outlook (GEO-4) releasedby the United Nations Environment Program, Hanoi and HoChiMinh city are amongthe six cities suffering the most from severe air pollution in the world.Especially, the children and old people are very sensitive with outdoorenvironment; therefore, they also have difficulty in coping with air pollution.

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An increasing number of people are now suffering from some serious deseasessuch as  cancer, cardiovascular andrespiratory diseases. According to incomplete statistics, in recent year, thenumber of patients relating to air pollution is increasing. The number ofchildren hospitalised for asthma treatment, respiratory bacteria, and cough insome hospitals in Hanoi and HoChiMinh cities has increased many times.

According to medicinal specialists’ forecast, the number of cancer casesincluding lung cancer in Vietnam will increase significantly in the next 5years.In addition, air pollution cause a huge economicimpact for not only government but also people who are affected by thisproblem. Statistic from the Ministry of Transport revealed that 2.

5 millionpatients spend an estimated $66.8 million a year for examinations and treatmentfor respiratory diseases each year in Ha Noi alone, and incomes are redeuced20% and health of citizens also by 20%. They also show that in HoChiMinh City,5.6 million patients spend $70.9 million a year for similar treatment.  There are alarming numbers by its dizzyingincrease over the years.

As a result, experts say that Vietnam’s current GDPgrowth is estimated to 8%, but if the environmental losses caused by thedevelopment process are taken into account, the real growth rate would be 3-4%(UNEP, 2007). It means Vietnam’s economy will be declined to extremely lowlevel and it also threatens economic growth in medium and long term because thenumber of days having average hourly daily value higher than the allowed levelis increasing through years, mostly highest in peak hour when the density ofcars and motorbikes is high in the streets.Furthermore, air pollution even increases greenhousegases that cause climate change, acid rain, and degrade ecosystem.

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