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It all started out approximately 125 years ago when a banker
wanted to have home cooked food often in office and gave this responsibility to
the Dabbawala. Other people in the offices also favored the concept and the
requirement for the Dabbawala increased. At first, it was the casual and one person
attempt, however creative Mahadeo Havaji noticed the opportunity and started
out the lunch delivery service as a business in a group-delivery format with more
than 100 Dabbawalas. In 1890’s Bombay, Mahadeo Bhavaji commenced a lunch delivery
service with approximately with hundred people. In 1930’s, he informally tried
to put together the dabbawallas as a team. Later, as the population grew, the
demand for dabba delivery grew too. The current president of the association is
Raghunath Medge. In 1990’s, Forbes international magazine conducted an
evaluation and gave them a Six Sigma rating of efficiency.

The journey of Dabbawalas has been a attractive one, wherein
they’ve proved their determination over and over, each day, battling the
traffic and crowds of Mumbai’s huge city, the Dabbawalas, unfailingly brought
thousands of dabbas to hungry persons in offices and later returned the empty
dabbas to where they got them from. The Dabbawalas added either home-cooked meal
from clients’ houses or lunches ordered for a monthly price, from women who
cook at their homes according to the clients’ specifications. The Dabbawalas’
provider was utilized by both official persons and school kids. In 1998, Forbes
worldwide magazine, carried out an evaluation and observe the Dabbawalas’
operations and gave it a Six Sigma efficiency score, the Dabbawalas made only one
mistake out of six million transactions, that placed them on the list of Six
Sigma rated agencies. Getting this rating and that too without the use of any
technology or office work, in which most of the employees have been illiterate is
certainly has been an amazing development. Other than Forbes, the Dabbawalas
have aroused the interest of many other global businesses, internet and academia.
They have excellently survived the threats from today’s business environment and
achieved the popularity and getting their operations completed very well.

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The Dabbawala’s, generally on bicycle, collects Dabba’s both
from a employee’s houses or from the dabba makers. As most of the carriers are
of constrained literacy, the Dabba’s have a few sort of distinguishing mark on
them, consisting of a coloration or organization of symbols. Lunch Tiffin’s or
Dabba’s are usually marked in numerous ways e.g. abbreviations for collection
factors, coloration code for starting station, address for destination station
and markings for dealing with Dabbawala at destination, constructing and floor.
The Dabbawala then takes them to a delegated sorting place, where he and
different gathered Dabbawala’s sort the Dabba’s into different types of group
depending upon their different destination areas. The grouped packing
containers are positioned inside the coaches of trains, with markings to pick
out the box according to its destination. The coding encompasses the railway
station to unload the boxes into their desired destination. At every station, Dabba’s
are passed over to a neighborhood Dabbawala’s, who can provide them. The empty
boxes are accumulated after lunch or day after today and dispatched back to the
respective homes.

The service is always uninterrupted, even on the times of
excessive climate including monsoons.  They
are highly motivated to establish an effective customer satisfaction, however
they had facing a problem that how they will incorporate the new technology in
their organization like to take their orders online e.g. make order online and
their respective payments too, this will help them to manage their operations
more efficiently and effectively but the website is in English language and
their most of the employees and customers does not know English language, this
case is about that how they can manage to incorporate the new technology in their
organization so that they can increase their customer base and profitability.

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