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It gives me great
pleasure to introduce Mr. Jose Dahlson whom I know for two years as a former
student in the Department of Electronics and Communication in his pursuit of
higher education qualification – Master’s Degree from your esteemed university.
I got familiarised with Jose through his academic projects.

In this long association, I had ample opportunity to assess
his professional and personal abilities and I must say Jose has shown excellent
interest in all his scholastic pursuits. He is an
erudite and competent learner who displayed impressive analytical
skills. His firm understanding of the fundamentals coupled with his work in class
reflected his profound level of insights on the topics.

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He designed the hardware
circuit for his final year project titled “Home Energy Management System”. In
this project, the energy analysis was
displayed on a PC. Initially, the team
had a few setbacks while integrating the hardware with the software to display
the energy usage. But Jose was persistent and sanguine by doing an intensive analysis to find solutions. I was frequently
amazed by his extreme patience and laborious work which made the project work.

He was able to bring out
the best out of everyone on the team by encouraging them diligently. This
ability made him an efficacious team player. He always had an alternative plan
whenever the research outcome was adverse. Thus he managed the team efficiently
and the project turned out to be a success. I was able to see genuine
leadership qualities in him.

Jose has an urge to
understand the intricacies of the subjects with his
excellent ability for ingenious and intuitive thinking. This was
demonstrated by the work he did on his mini-project “Wireless Power
Transmission”. It was recognized as one
of the most innovative mini-project. He consistently went well beyond the
course requirements in the quality of this project by conducting research and
suggesting innovative proposals.

In brief, his perseverance
and initiative indicate that he can
perform well even in a competitive atmosphere to complete an advanced graduate
degree. With the exposure provided by your extensive program, it will be a
great boost to his profile for a sustained success in his career. I would therefore
highly recommend Jose for the graduate program in your institution. Please
email me if you need any additional information.

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