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It is the most important and basicconcept of sociology. The lifestyle, mode of life, eatinghabit, cultural functions, different kinds of festivals, clothes, language,religion, values, policies, tradition etc. are some parts of culture.Differentsociologists and anthropologists have defined culture in different ways.

According to Taylor, “Culture is that complex whole which includes knowledge,belief, morals, art, customs and other capabilities and habits acquired by manas a member of the society.” Actually, culture is a combination of some socialelements that are different from other culture. It is the expression of thesociety’s people.

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It is a sketch in which people grown up. In a word, it can besaid that culture is a practice of living and thinking of the society’speople. There are some characteristics ofculture in the society.

The main characteristics of culture are mentionedbelow: Culture is such a thing that shouldbe social. It is a great characteristic of culture. It is emerges from thesociety. It is developed by the social interaction. One person teaches it fromothers in the society.

He must go with the association of other human being toteach culture. Actually, some cultural matters are taught by the society’speople automatically. Therefore, it can be said that culture is quietly socialand it is formed by the society’s people and for the society’s people. It is thought that cultural rulesare not learnt by the people in the society. Some are learned and some areacquired.

It is often learned unconsciously. Hearing, seeing, running, walkingetc. are not the matter of learning issue. These are acquired unconsciously. Onthe other hand, some forms of culture are needed to learn such as wearingclothes and ornaments, combing the hair, eating system, language, forms ofspeaking, forms of communication etc. There is no the same culture in allsociety of the world. One society’s culture is different from another society’sculture.

 Bangladesh has its own culture. Itis totally different from the other’s culture. Bangladeshi culture includeswith sari, jari, bhatiali, polligiti, religious and mystic songs.

The specialtyof Bangladeshi music is that our songs can be sung without any musicalinstrument. We have our own food habits like eating rice and fish. We have ourtraditional dress like lungi, shirt, saree and blouse. Although we have a veryold cultural tradition, it has been changing under the influence of thecultures of India and other western countries. The dish-antenna is engulfingour traditional culture. Our young generation is no longer interested in ourfolk or idyllic songs.

They are fascinated by Hindi or English music. Culture introduces a nation and itdiffers from other society. We are not out of our own culture. We live andgrown up in the midst of our own culture. It identifies our existence anddiffers from other society’s people.  

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