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It is my ambition to become a motivator to force and persuade my colleagues and governors to educational reforms and educational policy modifications. Being in academic education as a student over 15 years and serving for several years as a teacher, given me the courage to apply to join ……. Department and its fabulous research community. Thanks to my previous studies in Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and doing my Masters’ thesis in Teaching English Language, I found out there is a correlation between education and multiple forms of civil and social engagement. In order to infusion this tightly interwoven relation one should consider embedded signs of power relation, ideology and control within educational materials. It is worthwhile to confirm the importance of this practice be mentioning to Apple’s statement about textbooks; he has argued that textbooks are designed based on “battles and compromises” and they are political.

In my country educational policymakers tend to keep people and more specifically students isolated via filtering and banning different means of communication. They know that cultural awareness is rooted in international social interaction. Therefore, the fear of molding and manipulating people’s thoughts is undeniable for those who are not willing to embarrass alternative and globalization. If we take Iranian women as an example, it will be apparent for us there is a revolution among them struggling for at least their basic social rights such as entry to the stadiums; it would be a consequence of enhancing awareness about their counterparts in Islamic countries including sadia arabia who do not have such restrictions. As Kress and Van Leeuwen indicate language is the most obvious medium of communication that works with other system such as image, color, and music to create and represent meaning. Thus, English as an International Language recently has been announced by parliament as a forbidden subject to teach in Iranian Primary Schools.

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As a woman and a teacher I hope to become the agent of change by this I mean I am passionate about make some modifications in this dogmatic attitude toward learning English and joining globalization flow. We know that in today’s globalized world welcoming intercultural communicative competence and linguistic competence is inevitable if we want to contribute cultural development, global peace, and gender equality.But why I choose Sweden for this purpose? First of all I should refer to the political slogans that I read on Swedish government webpage: “it is possible to change the future”. 

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