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The World Bank is an
international financial organization which was originally founded and build in
1944. In this time it was its primarily task to help rebuilding Europe in a
social and financial way. Many places in Europe were enormously damaged by the
second world war. After this first task appeared to be finished in a satisfying
way the institution shifted its mayor focus on a different task for which it is
known in the present time: Supporting countries and their inhabitants of middle
to low wage levels.

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I am studying myself a subject
which is called “Public and Non-Profit management”. It is particulary designed
to support a career in the public and the non-profit sector. Since the actions
of the World Bank are allocated almost completely in the second sector I might
well think of myself as being employed by this organization in the future.
Therefore it is in my personal interest to know the most about this big player
in the non-profit sector. Meanwhile I am going to illustrate origin and history
of this institution, as I am going to evaluate their contemporary work by
reviewing existing literature and researching 
to build my own opinion and to be able to give future recommendations
concerning on how the World Bank can meet their objectives.


History & Origin

Initially the world bank was
created in 1944 at the “Bretton Woods Conference”. As the same instant the
“International Monetary Fund” was created alongside. Both are based in
Washington D.C. and cooperate closely with each other. Under strict conditions
the World Bank gave its first loan to France. It summed up to the amount of 250
million USD.

Along with the “Marshall Plan”
1947 many European countries received financial aid and the World Bank started
shifting its focus to Non-European countries. Starting 1974 the bank defined
the basic needs of people in development countries and aimed to fulfill them
better. The number of their given loans greatly increased as they shifted from
simply supporting infrastructure, which was their initial plan to boost local economies,
over to giving aid in terms of social services and in other public
sectors.   As consequence from the sheer
amount of given loans, the developing world debt rose between 1976 to 1980 a
shocking 20% each year.

In 1980 along with a new
president a new policy was called in existence.   Alden W. Clausen did have a less positive
perspective on development countries and he aimed to streamline development
country’s economies in a way which should make it possible for them to repay
their debt. As consequence of a lack of financial means in the lowest ladders
of society many people especially children had to suffer. According to Unicef
the World Bank was responsible for “reduced health, nutritional and educational
levels for tens of millions of children in Asia, Latin America, and

In consequence the World Bank
received harsh critics and they therefore started to change the organizational
agenda. Beginning in 1989 they started giving loans to NGOs and environmental
organisations. Also they targeted the global warming as a future challenge and
committed to the goal of banning 95 percent of ozone-harming chemicals till
2015. Furthermore, they called out the “Six Strategic Theme” defining further
objectives of the institution.

In 2000 the World Bank joined
the “war on AIDS” and in 2011 they joined the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership.


Literature review of existing scholarly work


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