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Issa J Seth was born in the los Santos in the year of 1951.Issa J Seth served a 14-year sentence in federal prison on drug and gun charges. Released three years ago, he now runs the S-Nation Interest Group in Los SantosHad been executed only twenty-six years before The Story of LS Willowfield Ballas,Issa J Seth , Tyson wallker and Drie Steve they both grow up together because they are neighborhood,Issa J Seth decided to set things up as soon as possible like crack’s ,pot and chemicals,The LS willowfield Ballas was created in the late 1960’s,Issa J Seth is was the 1st found of LS Willowfield Ballas. In 1965 The lS Willowfield Ballas were formed by notorios Criminal in the Los Santos.The Los Santos Ballas was formed on 15th of January 1965 and one of became one of the strongest gang in the Los Santos.Issa J Seth took over the slot and held Ballas’ reputation and power around the Los Santos, from civilians ,Factions amd other gang.When police shot Drei Steve dead in the passenger seat of an Audi on the Sultan in Idlewood, Los Santos, earlier this year, rumors quickly surfaced that he was a player in the local drug trade.Police had stopped the car, driven by Issa’s friend, after receiving a tip that one of its occupants was in possession of a pistol, later found in the passenger footwell. Issa claimed to be a car dealer, but a former “associate” told reporters soon after the shooting that the 28-year-old father of two was a feared crack and heroin dealer. In 1980, Issa was acquitted of attempted murder. In 1985, he was treated for shotgun wounds after two hooded gunmen ambushed him, an incident that prompted him to cover his outside walls in CCTV cameras.After the shooting, groups of young Grove Street families men took to the streets of nearby Willowfield to protest at what some branded an “assassination.” His funeral took place at the family’s local mosque in Temple, and Issa’s grieving father denied his son was a criminal. Comparisons were made to the case of Tyson Walker, an alleged gang member shot and killed by police while in possession of a gun in a taxi nearly in the Chemicals lab in 1976, whose death led to an unprecedented spate of rioting.Earlier this month, 35 criminals linked to a Bradford-based drug network caught smuggling heroin into the Los Santos from LS Willowfield Ballas in the lids of pens were jailed for almost 200 years. Last year, a Glen Park based LS Willowfield Ballas gang were jailed after shipping heroin from Chemical lab concealed in boxes of tables. In 1990, Danny a millionaire from Los Santos known as “Mr. Dan” because of his carwash business was jailed for nine years for his involvement in a drug smuggling ring. 

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