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Islam Connection With The Baltic States Radical Islams local connectionWith the world focused on Afghanistan and the war against terrorism, itwould be very easy for even the Baltic governments to forget about thelawless and undemocratic antics of Alyaksandr Lukashenka in Belarus.Perhaps no world leader benefited more from the terrorist attacks thanLukashenka. Just as world scrutiny and condemnation was beginning tomount after his rigged and falsified presidential election of Sept. 9, theevents in the U.

S. two days later took all attention away from Europes lastdictatorship.While the timing of the attacks benefited Lukashenka politically in the shortterm, the old collective farm boss should be worried about Moscows newrelationship with the West and NATO.It has long been known in East European military and intelligence circlesthat Moscow has used Lukashenka as a middleman for arms sales tocountries such as Iran or Iraq, where international law or outcry wouldprevent such transactions.

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These days appear to be over, as VladimirPutin seems genuinely serious about working with the internationalcommunity to fight terrorism.The risks and headaches of continuing to use Minsk as a proxy for secrettransactions with renegade countries is not worth the relatively smalleconomic benefits it would bring Russia.While it would be a positive step if Moscow stopped working with Minskon illegal arms lukashenka, belarus, countries, weapons, world, moscow, minsk, military, iraq, international, equipment, defense, belarusian, arms, about, year, while, terrorists, terrorist, tajikistan, should, sales, russia, over, organizations, nato, lukashenkas, known, islamic, economic, been, wprost, working, west, two, transactions

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