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Is today’s technology a positive
advancement? Or is it rather negative? Because technology has literally taken
over society over the past few years, from children to adults and elders. Technology
is vital in today’s world and makes everything easier, but can cause laziness
and some to abuse it. Some examples are the computer, television, cell phone,
and videogame systems. Technology has influenced people and their daily lives,
some better than others. Electronic media is necessary. Modern ways of
communication have replaced simple tasks. The cellphone, for example. Samsung, IPhone,
Huawei. Ask any teen who owns a phone and I bet they would say that they text
way more often than calling someone on the house phone. Now email has replaced
snail mail. Nowadays, people sign up for summer camp instead of going there and
filing out actual forms. Also, instead of live music, musicians now use electronic
software to create tracks for their songs. If you can actually play a
synthesizer that’s fine, but otherwise, what is wrong with a guitar, piano or
drums? Of course, the internet has some advantages as far as usefulness and
efficiency. Communication is much easier now than it used to be. People can
keep in touch with others from all over the world and they make new friends. Think
of how many online college campus exist nowadays! Most people will download
songs on ITunes rather than buying a cd, which I do too. Plus E-books are
starting to populate the world wide web, it’s cheaper and easier. Still, I’d
rather read an actual book. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a century or two, no
one will read books anymore.

But what happens when the electronic
side of life fails? Many teens, and adults too actually, are so wrapped up in Facebook,
Twitter and other popular social networking sites, that they do not even take
the time to actually look each other in the eyes and talk to them. They forget
to take the time to enjoy the non-virtual aspects of life, and to appreciate
them. If the internet really is so wonderful, then how come I can come up with
this many issues? And how come issues such as cyber bullying occur? Are people
really too blind to realize that life is not all about technology? And yes, I
may be a hypocrite for saying this, since I am to relax irl. Oh, excuse me, *in
real life*.

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there’s another problem; obesity. Obesity is partly because kids spend too much
time in front of the TV and computer instead of playing outdoors.
Cyber-bullying is definitely a problem that can be solved easily by limiting
electronic use. Every single year, the general families spend hundreds and
thousands of dollars on unnecessary items, like the IPad which is just a giant
IPhone, when that money could be spend on more important and more necessary
things. Like college tuition, retirement savings or mortgage. (source1)

Technology has made an impact on
retail. Nowadays, people do not need to leave their houses in order to get what
they want. For example, you do not have to go to the mall in order to get
clothes, because now we can order it online. There is no need to get tired of
walking when you’re shopping at the mall because now we go online to shop!


From my personal experience and point
of view, I think there are more disadvantages than there are advantages. See,
every single person I know uses a phone to interact instead of using their
voices. There was this one time when my friend and I were in the same room, at
another friend’s house. There were around twenty people. She literally texted
me to ask how I was doing. I honestly do not understand how come she didn’t
walk five feet to ask that face to face. I may be a hypocrite, because I spend
a lot of time using my phone. But I have my limits. I can’t use my phone after
9 pm and not before 8 am, I’m not allowed to use it in class and I do things
with friends in real life, instead of talking to them through texts. The
biggest disadvantage is that we do not communicate anymore, at least not like
we used to. We don’t visit each other as much as we used to, instead, we call
each other and ask ”Hi, how you doing”, ”I’m fine, you?” and then the
conversation lasts for three minutes. That’s not how it is supposed to be. I
feel like lots of friendships are fake. They’re not real. They exist of sharing
memes and they don’t know each other because all they see is a picture of their
friend smiling, they can’t go through hard times together which makes it hardly
a friendship at all.


If we look at it from a national
view, though, there are probably more advantages than disadvantages. Technology
is a way of communicating with people far away from us.








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