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Is Intelligence Inherited Or Is A Learned Behavior Is Intelligence inherited or is a learned behaviorIs intelligence a product of heredity or does it come from an individual?s environment The nature versus nurture debate regarding intelligence is one that has continued throughout the years. Innumerable studies have been conducted on this issue but there is still no clear-cut answer. Both biological and environmental factors occurring before or after birth can affect intellectual abilities. Your intellectual ability is what we would normally call your intelligence. Intelligence is important because it shows how people think, what they are capable of, what they know educationally and how they go about everyday situations.

The study of intelligence begins with instruments used to measure it (Kassin 408). Intelligence testing is a well norm, reliable and valid. The study of intelligence begins with research. You start the research by studying people from different cultures and races. You could study their methods of thinking and their ways of going about everyday situations. You can also study intelligence by the many different IQ (intelligence quotient) Tests. These test are made to measure intelligence. The capacity to learn from experience and adapt successfully to ones environment (Kassin 408), is one intelligence, test, iq, same, learn, environmental, environment, identical, different, being, twins, study, kassin, intelligent, children, carlson, age, ability, one, even, correlation, child, together, things, take, parents, hereditary, grow, between, adult, whether, verbal, studies, situations, show

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