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Most people say that Anorexia Nervosa is a way of life, I disagree with that.

Anorexia Nervosa, is not a way of life, it is a very dangerous eating disorder that usually strikes teenage girls and women between the ages of fifteen and thirty five. How can you call an eating disorder a way of life? Many female girls struggle with appearance, I for one am very time to consume with my looks. I spend lots of time prepping in front of the full body mirror, along with the millions of other females in this world. The one word that you can walk down the street and are guaranteed to hear come from a females mouth is “I’m fat.” These two words can be the most harmful and dangerous words ever.An estimated one thousand females will die each year from anorexia.

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About eighty percent of females suffer from a subclinical eating disorder and twenty percent will turn into full-blown anorexics in their lifetime. These are statistics that we know of. Many young girls who are suffering from Anorexia will hide it well, many of their closest relatives, and friends won?t anorexia, life, way, people, eating, one, nervosa, disorder, going, even, anna, about, realize, online, females, feel, fat, anorexic, america, weight, very, suffering, suffer, stages, serious, say, medical, illness, girls, disease, dangerous, body, because, words, women

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