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Iraq Issues Psychological Approach to the Reconstruction of IraqIraq is politically divided along ethnic, religious and ideological lines. The religious groups are vociferously opposed to the continued presence of American troops.

The nationalist feel the Americans should not get involved and to let them settle their own affairs. Therefore other apparently small groups organized around particular events are injuring and killing Iraqis, while American troops engage in necessary activities and acts to keep themselves from harm. The apparent contradictions between American ideologies, local customs and cultural beliefs may create too a wide chasm for the current council in place to lay the basis for democratic voting, and a new Western-Islamic hybrid constitution. An imposed American ideology of one man, one vote, is antithetical to Iraqi thinking in which a clan, tribe, and the religious group that an individual belongs are one?s primary affiliations. However in a society organized around tribes and concepts of one man one vote leaves open the terrible possibility that once the majority gets into power it becomes their opportunity to ?get even?.The great psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) studied the values, which motivate people and help determine their actions. He concluded people, one, iraq, american, religious, much, move, hierarchy, work, vote, troops, therefore, situation, presence, out, ourselves, organized, needs, man, keep, iraqis, groups, fearful, fall, democratic, day, create, class, behaviors, attitudes, around, worse, world, wiped, wide

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