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IntroductionJag heter braden Jag bor i Mishawaka, Indiana, och jag deltar i Queen of Peace Catholic School. Jag ar i klass sex. Jag skriver en forskningsrapport om mitt familjeliv. Jag hoppas att du gillar att läsa den. Christmas Foods + How to say Merry Christmas is SwedenGod Jul which is Merry Christmas in Sweden.

A popular food is Lussekatter. Lussekatter is a cornish tea treat bun or reveal buns. A lot of other foods are gravlax, a salmon which has been cured in sugar, salt , and dill, turkey, roast beef, and julskinka ( a Christmas ham).

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Christmas TraditionsOne Christmas tradition is every Christmas Eve at 3:00 pm the people of Sweden watch a show called ” From all of us to all of you”. Which is a Donald Duck television show. In the city of Gavle, a huge straw goat is put up every year. It is 43ft tall.

It has a large metal structure inside and is covered in heaps of straw. This tradition started in 1966. Also on Tjugondag Knut it’s traditional that the Christmas Tree is taken down and the leftover cookies are eaten.

Christmas DecorationsFamilies use straw to decorate their homes. It is used to remind them that Jesus was born in a manger. Christmas tree decorations that are made of straw are very popular in Sweden. Wreaths in Sweden are also very popular because they are made of straw.Current Events in the SwedenI will tell you 2 current event in SwedenA powerful ‘bomb’ explosion occurred at a Swedish police station. The authorities said they heard a powerful explosion outside of the police station. There was significant damage to the building that was hit by the bomb. There were no injuries and no one was arrested.

A Swedish power plant burns H and M clothes instead of coal. They burn H and M clothes because the combined heat and power station wants to be a fossil-fuel free facility by 2020. This Swedish power plant wants to get rid of coal for good.

A quote from their Head of Fuel Supplies said “Our goal is to use only renewable and and recycled fuels.Family Travel Log +  Mapping my Family’s Past Per-Olof Aberg  was working on the ships from Sweden to the U.S.A. and he came to Duluth, Minnesota. He went to go visit his brother Martin Oberg in North Carolina.

Then he went to Wisconsin and bought a dairy farm. They had to choices , a farm with more rich soil or the other with less rich soil. He took the one with less rich soil because he said it related more to Sweden. My great grandpa Roy Oberg took over the dairy farm after Per-Olof died. Then my grandpa Clifford Oberg went to the military and came here.

After the military he found a job here and stayed. Then my dad Daniel Oberg came to live in Mishawaka, Indiana. And here I am in the school of Queen of Peace.Christmas WorshipThere biggest religious body in Sweden is Christian. They celebrate Christmas by having Christmas like us. They have a Santa called Jultomten. They have male elves/ gnomes called Nissar.

They also have female elves called Nissor. They do celebrate Christmas different than us because Christmas lasts until January 13th (20 days after Christmas ends in the U.S.A.

)My Personal Connection to SwedenSwedish comes from my dad’s side of the family. My great great great grandpa came to the United States. I am here because of my grandpa which lives in Osceola. I am also here because Per-Olof A berg came by working on a ship.ConclusionI hope you liked reading this. I also hope that you have a Merry Christmas or a God Jul.

I want to thank you also for reading my report. I also hope we will have a white Christmas.

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