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Community theatre have four different features; Purpose,
Themes, Venues and Clients. The purpose of community theatre is Social Cohesion
as it works toward the wellbeing of all its members also it fights exclusion
and creates a sense of belonging. The theme in community theatre shows an
aspect of reasoning for the performance for example; teenage pregnancy,
everlasting love, fear of failure, lost honour, power of wealth and role of men
are many of the thousands of themes you could have and it gives the performance
a reason or a moral for doing the show in the community. The venue for
community theatre is somewhere in the local area where it is easy and
accessible for people to watch so for example; a town centre, swimming pool,
church, assembly rooms or even a car park where it is easy to watch the
performance going on. Finally, for the clients of a community theatre it must
be suitable for the ages of the audience for example you wouldn’t want a young
child to be watching a show of a murder or sexual health at a young age, so it
must be appropriate for the audiences age. Community theatre must involve a
purpose to why it’s being performed to bring the community together, also it
needs to carry a message about what it is about but the context varies as you
can put a performance together to show a message in many ways. Two
practitioners, Joan Littlewood and Augusto Boal shown different ways to do
this. Augusto kept the audience concentrated and intrigued by letting them
pause the play whenever they wanted and changing bad things to nice when on the
other hand Joan made plays about something serious happening in the world and
made it funny so the audience would laugh and realise it’s awful and shouldn’t
be laughing but they can’t help it. Community theatre affects different ages in
different contexts depending on the performance. This could affect young people
as well in ways especially if it is educational or gives them awareness about
something like road safety or sexual health also on the opposite side it
effects elderly people as it brings them together out their house or care home
so they are not trapped in doors and gives them some entertainment. This brings
the society together causing diversity and social cohesion so that different
cultures, races, ages of people come together

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Main Body of Text:

My first example of
community theatre in my local area is Sister act performed by The Bolsover
drama group. The Bolsover Drama Group has been a part of Bolsover for a very
long time and I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of it since I was 8- here is
some information about the group “Bolsover Drama Group is an amateur dramatics
group based in north Derbyshire.  The
group was formed in 1981 and has flourished into one of Derbyshire’s largest
amateur dramatics groups. In an average year we perform four productions – a
musical, a pantomime, a play and a youth section musical.  We also take part in variety evenings and
many social events throughout the year. The group also has a youth section
catering for members under the age of 18. (Chris Peck, Bolsover Drama Group,
unknow when website was created). Here is the brief story line of Sister Act as
well “When lively lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier (Whoopi Goldberg) sees her
mobster beau, Vince LA Rocca (Harvey Keitel), commit murder, she is relocated
for her protection. Set up in the guise of a nun in a California convent,
Deloris proceeds to upend the quiet lives of the resident sisters. To keep her
out of trouble, they assign Deloris to the convent’s choir, an ensemble that
she soon turns into a vibrant and soulful act that gains widespread attention.”
(unknown writer, 2017, IMD). For this performance I felt like the focus was to
bring the community together for entertainment purposes as well I seen this in
person as I helped at front door and I am a part of the group. From this I seen
all ages from children to the elderly people all come together in one room to
enjoy the performance together bringing the community together causing social
cohesion likewise I would say the target audience is for all ages as it is for
entertainment purposes. The performance venue was in the Bolsover Assembly
Rooms which is easy accessible to the public in the resident area as there is 2
or 3 communal car parking places to park up. In my point of view, I think the
performance shows cultural diversity as it has an ethnic woman as a main role
who goes into a different culture (nuns) and lives there way of life and this
promotes social equality. The moral of story is traditions change and never
judge a book by its cover, in my view but it could show many other things – “The
underlying message is that you can’t expect old traditions to stay the same”
(unknown writer, 2014 Feb 27th, Architecture and morality). The
performance shows crime and beliefs as there is a murder at the beginning and
it takes you on through out to show you the religion and beliefs of nuns. As
well as this it shows you that murder is wrong and the important of giving
people the benefit of doubt and getting to know them before judging them. So,
from this I believe that the audience needs have been met because children are
learning the values of life from cultures and learning social cohesion by bringing
people together from different races, cultures, sex and other backgrounds and
this bring something to a group to create amazing things. From this performance
I think it might make a change throughout the community as they will treat
people much more better and considerate people in better ways through emotion
and physical ways by being politer and kind to people from any background. I do
not think from this performance for the community it links to Joan or Augusto
in any way, shape or form.

For my second example
of community theatre I chose Peak Bullsh*t by Andy Parsons, here is what has
been said about it- “Worried about your job? Worried about your family? Worried
about yourself? Worried about the health service? Education? Climate change?
World War 3? Worried about worrying? Sod it! Come and have a laugh about it.
It’s one of the things we do best. Or is it? Was it something we did best but
like everything else has now gone West. Or South. Or East. Ah – go on. Take a
risk. Put on your lucky pants and your party shoes – and get yourself on a
night out. Or maybe come out dressed in a binbag, top hat and clogs. We could
all use a laugh.” (Andy Parsons, Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre website,
2017).  The focus of the performance was
to make comedic jokes about serious matters to bring a laugh to the audience.
It is based at Chesterfield this Autumn, at the Pomegranate Theatre for the
venue where it has easy access parking around the area as there is shopping car
parks and normal car parks but it has been in many other places… even
well-known places and on TV- “As seen on Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo,
Q.I. etc. – and repeated on Dave.” (Andy Parsons, Chesterfield Pomegranate
Theatre website, 2017). In my opinion the target audience is for 18+ and over
as kids will not get the jokes being said and it will be inappropriate as there
is foul language and tense humour. The purpose of the performance is to bring
the adult audience together to have a laugh and to making a serious subject
comedic, I can link this performance to Joan Littlewood as she made serious
matter also funny but then made the audience realise it wasn’t funny, whilst
Andy Parsons Peak Bullsh*t made things funny to take their mind off the
terrible sides of the issues. I think the audience was satisfied by this
performance as the newspapers gave good feedback about the show and it brought
the community together with laughter. Review- “Cracking adlibbing…. a joke-rich
rallying call for a better Britain” THE GUARDIAN. “Potent live performer…. can
nail a nonsense with beautiful economy of words” THE TIMES.               “A consistently strong exposer
of bullshit and a plain-speaking truth-teller through his entire career” THE
funny and insightful” METRO. (Andy Parsons, Chesterfield Pomegranate Theatre
website, 2017).  I don’t think the
performance has any social or cultural or economic values at all.

For my third example
I chose The Adams Family- “The Adams are a tight-knit family who clearly care
about one another, but they lack the same kind of charm and generosity, when a
man claiming to be Fester, the missing brother of Gomez Addams, arrives at the
Addams’ home, the family is thrilled. However, Morticia begins to suspect the
man is a fraud, since he cannot recall details of Fester’s life. With the help
of lawyer Tully Alford, Fester manages to get the Addams clan evicted from
their home. Gomez realizes the two men are conspiring to swindle the Addams
fortune and that he must challenge Fester.” (Google website, Adams family,
unknown writer, 2017). The performance focuses on entertainment as the target
audience is formed for all the family from children to grandparents as its full
of laughter. The venue is at the Sheffield theatre which also like the other examples
has excellent parking areas so it is easy accessible for the community to reach
easily. I don’t believe this performance is social and cultural but I do
believe it shows that every person is different and weird in their own way and
should be accepted for who they are. Going on from that I think the moral of
the Adams Family is to always be yourself and stand for what you think is right
and what u believe in. I think these themes are used to show people that they
should be there self and to show the audience that being your self is
acceptable and that they shouldn’t change for anyone. For this performance I
feel like the audience needs has been met as it brings all the families and
communities together for entertainment causing social cohesion as people have
come together to support the actors and to enjoy a night out together. The
Addams family shows class as Wednesday gets picked on by the rich, popular girl
because of her look and her family’s class, old modern era looks and shows the
difference between right and wrong as there is crime (fraud) in the
performance. I don’t think it shows any of the practitioner’s styles of work but
it does try to help social change of how people treat people differently for
looking different to having less money.


All three of my examples of community theatre; Sister act,
Adams Family and Peak Bullsh*t all bring the community together in a positive
way which then brings social cohesion in as the community become as one to
enjoy a night together. As well all these performances show comedy to bring
happiness and laughter to the audience and shows that it effects the clients in
an optimistic way by bringing them closer but in a nutshell only the Adams
family and Sister act are not only both shows but these shows have morals on
the same wavelength by treating people with better respect or not judging them
on class, religion, sex, culture, wealth and more. Whilst Peak bullsh*t doesn’t
have morals and makes comedy out of serious issues throughout the world. I
think these three examples show different contrasts of community theatre and
social cohesion as they are all different and show different aspects of it.






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