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      Introduction to Green IT:Green IT involves using IT in order to sustain our environmentGreen IT aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment due to unsafe IT operations on the environment.This process involves the creation of environmentally safe computers and parts whilst negating some of the impacts that we have on our environment such as reducing the use of hazardous materials, extending the lifetime and energy efficiency of these products and using more biodegradable materials.This will help reduce packaging,printing and paper waste.Background:Green IT was introduced in the 1990’s after the idea of reducing greenhouse gases and instead using products that are more efficient energy wise and eventually help businesses save money.This was the premise of the “Energy Star” project created by the U.S EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). :Reasons to implement Green ITMost businesses be it big or small run on technology and is a necessity to start and keep the business going.Every year there are hundreds of advancements and innovations in the technology sector making older devices or hardware outdated and with this comes even more usage of paper and ink printing systems. These resources would rather be used elsewhere such as being used to hire more employees or to create more innovative technological advancements.Sometimes businesses crash and eventually have to be shut down due to loss of funds or lacklustre performance.When this happens employees and managers can lose the businesses and their own private data which can’t be recovered.Other Concepts:Green Cloud: This refers to all the benefits brought by green IT to the environment, and technology. Green Data Center: This is where all data is stored such as technological, electrical, and computer systems data.These are all designed to be more efficient and effective. Green Collar: Any organization that focuses on using environmentally friendly products. Green washing: False promoting of a company to make it seem more environmentally than it actually is. Green Networking: using network systems that are energy efficient.    

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