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The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It is independent from the elected House of Commons. The Lords shares the task of making and shaping laws and checking and challenging the work of the government .Formally, the House of Lords has 781 sitting members, plus about 40 members who are disqualified, or on leave of absence. It is the largest parliamentary chamber in any democracyIt is the only second chamber in the world that is larger than the first. The actual physical size of the chamber is about 400 seats, so only about half the members can participate at any particular time. This essay will examine if The House of Lords is an outmoded and irrelevant body within a modern democracy and should be abolished. The pros and cons will both be looked at and a conclusion will be reached.
Arguments For
In 2014, the Daily Telegraph’s Peter Oborne argued that the House of Lords continues to work remarkably well, throwing out what he calls “populist measures introduced by governments determined to bolster their right-wing credentials”. An elected House of Lords would never have the will or the courage to stand out against public opinion, he argues, and would deprive the public of the judgement of “very valuable” peers, such as retired generals, trade union leaders, academics and judges.”These are people with immense expertise, an important counterbalance to the Commons,” he says. As the house of lords consists of unelected members, members are not afraid to be political and support public views. Members of house of commons are all elected and their main priority is their image and reputation, thus they are more likely to stay more reserved in order to protect their image. Another advantage is Expertise- due to varied backgrounds like teacher and lawyers. The Upper House contains a large number of experts who can recognise faults in legislation. This commonly happens where technical matters are concerned as many former or current lawyers can recognise when the wording of legislation is unclear or difficult to apply.

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